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Following are several 'shippy moments from pairings I write or follow. Your task: name the pairing and the source.

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Re: Fandom. Let the Elitist Bitch Vidding Cabal stake out their corner of the sandbox and announce it is The Only True Way to Be Fannish and They Alone are the True Keepers of Fannish History. Long-held grudge-wank isn't worth the bother of embroiling oneself. Nothing dies on the net. This will not only bite them in time, it will be archived.

Also? When an article has been up for a FUCKING YEAR it's not even outing anymore. It's just an excuse.

Re: Royalties
I wonder sometimes how much to trust my royalty statements.
From Fictionwise:
Best Sellers for Angelia Sparrow
Based on data gathered within the last 14 days. Icon explanations
1. Short [12418 words]Toy Box: Sounds by Mychael Black & Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow [Erotica/Romance]
2. Short [11857 words]Color of Magic and Color of Money by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks [Erotica/Romance]
3. Short [10357 words]Pushing the Boundaries of Reality by Angelia Sparrow [Erotica/Romance]

HOW THE HELL CAN #3 BE A BEST SELLER WHEN IT HASN"T SOLD ANY COPIES? At least according to my Phaze statements...

Now, I know it's not in a publisher's interest to screw over the authors. Anyone who manages people knows not to mess with their pay or their time-off if they want to KEEP people.
But still.

How on earth can I get paid $955 (250 bonus) and only see 614, which works out 154 extra? Oh yeah. Taxes. Taxes that don't get me health care or retirement or anything that taxes pay for in civilized countries, but instead goes to concentration camps, mercenaries and a disastrous foreign war.

There is no fourth point. I'm just going to go hide out in 1923 for a while.
(Synopsis time)
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Obi informs me the girls in his clique have created a scale to rate the cuteness of the boys.

It runs from One to Lestat.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:38 pm
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I have a new filter until Fandom is done wanking and has cleaned up after themselves. Gafiation has done wonders for my blood pressure.

If you saw the previous entry about the filter, you're on it.
If you did not, and think you need to be on this filter, leave a comment and I'll add.


Aug. 29th, 2005 10:08 pm
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I finally fixed them!

My mood pics are back. only took me (mumble) months to find the right section of the FAQ

Also, I got a copy of Demon under Glass. Bad movie. Really cheesy. But Jason Carter is HOT as a vampire, and the bit with Garrett Maggert warms the cockles of my slashy little heart. That needs to show up in a vid or two.
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The Rules
First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use

1) Han Solo
2) Willow Rosenberg
3) Robin Hood
4) Marc Remillard
5) AJ Simon
6) Indiana Jones
7) Spock
8) Mal Reynolds
9) Rupert Giles
10) Galadriel
11) Ming the Merciless
12) Bo Duke

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Give me a pairing, ANY pairing, in any fandom I know. (And, honey, there are a lot. Steer clear of Stargate, anime, Hornblower, the New BSG, AtS, RPS or any Trek post DS9, and I'm good)

I will write 1 line of a fic just for you. If I continue and make a full-fledged story, I will happily dedicate it to you
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This is another for [ profile] fanthropology's Fake Paranoia Rants. I will personally hunt you down and kick your ass if I find you using this to make a SERIOUS argument.

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Write the biggest, most paranoid, obnoxious rant about your fandom

Queer Communist Monkeymen: the evil of Star Wars.

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So, the end of QAF.

No more weekly smut.
No more laughing with Mudd at the silly parts, and pouncing him after an exceptionally hot sex scene.

I felt a twinge as we took it off our Season Pass list for TiVO.

May the actors gain the work they want.

True it was "just" a soap opera. It was pretty upwardly mobile white folks with Teh Gay. But it was groundbreaking. No more suicidal queens. No more miserable queers. The lesbians were about as femme as could be, but you believed they loved each other. The men kissed and had sex on screen, unlike the minstrelry of other "gay" shows. Sex, drugs, plastic surgery, bashing, bigotry, there was no place they were afraid to go.

They kept the characters consistant and yet let them grow. And almost everyone got a happy continuation.

We won't see its like again.

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Also, Mudd's QAF vids have been getting mondo downloads.

I think I'll make and enter a Debbie vest in the Mid South Fair. That oughta put some knots in some knickers. If they even let me enter it. If not, I may just have to WEAR it for the fair.
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How much slash can Lucas pack into 2.5 hours?
According to Bunny, far, far more than humans should be allowed.

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The following is cut for spoilers
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This talks about a minor character and his story, and lycanthropy as a metaphor for gayness.

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So, my neck gave out. And I'm going to bed soon.

I got my copy at midnight over at Kroger. A rush of 20 people.

I've been reading since. I can say, without spoilage, that Rowling seems to have abandoned her love-affair with adverbs. The prose is much more readable. ::throws editor some of Hagrid's infamous treacle toffee::

It's still over 600 pages long.

Now for actual content although nothing relevant to plot:

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Spoil me! You have until actual book release. After that, I will be voraciously devouring the book and NOT reading LJ.


They must be FAKE spoilers.
Give it to me weird. (Draco elopes with the Giant Squid, and Hogwarts collapses out of jealousy in Chapter 12!)
Give it to me funny. (During the climactic battle, Harry and Voldemort cross the wands and everyone dies in the subsequent shower of twinkies the size of Central Park and roasted marshmallow goo)
Give it to me utterly mundane. (page 27. "it" "the" Chapter 2 "red hair")

So spoil me!
Thanks [ profile] acrossthestars.


Jul. 10th, 2005 02:45 pm
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I pruned my F'list today.

If you have been dropped, please know it was not you as a person. I just was overwhelmed by the number of journals I am reading, and cut the ones I almost always find myself skimming.

If you have been dropped, and wish to be reinstated to read locked posts, please leave a comment and accept my apologies.

Many of you were folks who added me during the New Pink Shoos nonsense. Our interests, never very close to start with, have diverged.

Please Note:
[ profile] angelnanowrimo will be undergoing no such purging. If you are on there, and wish to be removed, simply defriend it.

Apologies in advance for any hurt feelings.
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Bunny and I went to see Doing time at the Homo No Mo Halfway House last night. Hilarious. The writer/performer is very talented.

The Lunar Circle was cancelled because of a different deal in the Park.

I finished 5 hats and [ profile] wicked_words' shawl.

And i made my premiere vid for VVC. I have given birth to an ugly baby. It looked much cooler in my head.
And it fits a Rum & Monkey article far too well.

Full text under the cut
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And there are Sims pictures, but that will have to wait.
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So, I'm working on my premiere vid for VividCon. It's definitely going in the "stupid, braindead idiot" category. There is no metaphor. There are no layers. It's just a pretty straightforward 1:1 song:movie matchup. I'm just going for the humor. I feel like I shot my wad on the SIX FREAKIN MINUTE Mad Max vid for Club Vivid.

Then, as I drive to work, listening to my mp3 disc, it hits me:
The All Mad-Mark vid should not be to "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" but to "Boys of Bedlam."

skip this, it's rough storyboarding while I'm thinking about it. )

Now THAT would make a great premiere vid.
But I need to see if I can still capture VHS source.

Bunny has gotten me watching Winx Club, and I'm really enjoying it.
Alfea is the girls' school for fairies. Red Fountain is the boys' school for heroes. Cloud Tower is the girls' school for witches. Riven is the bad boy of Red Fountain. I mentally slash him with Prince Sky (who is our heroine, Bloom's, boyfriend). Of couse, there's the Musa/Flora girl thing. And the Icy/Darcy/Stormy OT3

Bunny want to dress as Icy for the next con. Not having much luck finding a good google pic. Since it was Icy or Stella, we opted for the one without wings.
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My friendslist is just silly sometimes. This is nicked from [ profile] mirabellawotr

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[ profile] swslash is running a Fuh-q Fest.

Sign Up Here

So far I'm the only OT ficcer around.

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