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Because every holiday needs at least one turkey

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How much slash can Lucas pack into 2.5 hours?
According to Bunny, far, far more than humans should be allowed.

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So I drew the "Aliens make them have sex" cliche for the NC-17 challenge.
SW fandom, Han/Luke pairing. Silliness. includes first time, rimming and bondage.

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This was for the Slash Writers' workshop.
The challenge is "Write the ultimate badfic, using the line 'Prepare to be boarded!'"

Het, slash, mary sue, MPreg, and endless badness
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This was for the Slash Writers' Workshop.
The challenge is:
Vader's new inamorato has a mask-fetish.
Use the words Djibouti, leviathan, fester

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This is for [ profile] morgan_d who wanted the commentary

By Angel

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This is for [ profile] amchau

Title: Postcards from Corellia
Author: Angel
Summary: The boys take a vacation
Disclaimer: The boys belong to George, but if he kept them busy, they
wouldn't be making out in the stacks where any librarian doing her shelving
could stumble on them.

[This was my standard disclaimer for seevral years]

Acknowledgments: To the Luke_and_Han list for insisting on nothing less than
my very best, and putting up with me until I found it. To Irene, my beta,
who stood over me with a bantha prod in one hand and chocolate in the other,
and zapped and rewarded by turns as I needed it. To my
husband, Mudd, who sang "Pride of the Angry Sea" and "Red is the Rose" on

Notes: "Gather Ye Pipers" is property of Mikal the Ram (he said I could use
it). "Pride of the Angry Sea" belongs to Dennis Drew (ditto, he even sent
me the words). Red is the Rose is public domain and sung to the same tune
as Loch Lomond.

[This was written in an effort to get some lighter fic happening on the Luke_and_Han list. And to break my rep as a total whackjob]

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Not a Bad Day’s Work
2003 Angel

“Check the mass again, willya, Luke?”

“Han, we’re half a kiltonne over, and it is not the instruments. You’ve got to clean out the hold. There’s no way we can lift.”

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Following directions, by Angel
10 minutes of someone frowning at a communicator

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Growth in a Desolate Season

Write a harem story using the phrase "all hope abandon ye who enter here."

It's a SW AU set in 18th century Morrocco, sort of a fairy-tale/magical realist thing. The sorceror lord, Vader, purchases a pair of luckless sailors to serve as bodyguards and companions to his wayward son.
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Usual header and disclaimer. Spell-checked, unbeta'd comments welcome.

I go to see him every day. He never knows I'm there. The drugs make him sleep a great deal. As he is now. Asleep and dreaming. And I'm on my way to work. No dreams for Lady Chancellor, just unending paperwork and diplomacy.
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Oh and

Aug. 1st, 2003 04:39 pm
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Tarkin/Motti: TheirloveisSOsuggestive!
(Motti is Tarkin's 2nd in command and a smarmy git. He implies. He insinuates. But he never comes out and SAYS. "But you command, and the emperor is far from here..." Tarkin's final line is "I'll consider your suggestions...later.")

"A Jedi and his lightsaber. The Jedi and the lightsaber are one. The Force binds them The Jedi and the lightsaber are (ungh) one!"
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So far today I've:

Made emergency contact cards for the library staff. Lamination of Ezekiel and Daniel.

Photocopied, folded and delivered 120 library brochures. I coerced the copier to my will! Bow before the Copier Goddess! No jams. No misprints. Yes, cower before me you overcomplex piece of technology!

Ran overdues

Singlehandedly averted fineage and disaster for half the staff.

Been called "fallacious and disgusting" for saying men have lesbian incest fantasies. I promptly launched into my favorite game: "My expert can beat up your expert" and cited locations for articles on the phenomenon and erotic stories. I await the return volley.

Listened to SW radio plays on the drive to and from work. Han and Biggs exchange 4 lines, and they just bristle at each other. Jealous... Also, Han just melts around Luke, at least twice. Drops the sarcasm, gets soft, serious and gentle. First is the bit where he's explaining why he won't fly against the Death Star. The second is just before the ceremony. If it weren't for the fact a little smoochy sound always accompanies the kisses, I would say they were snogging.

Must got to Wal-Mart and Post office now.

When i get home: vidding, writing (ooo, a mustachio'd Biggs bunny is loving my ankle. Stop that, you. Go hump the Luke bunny. I don't need bunnygunk in my sneaker-velcro. Silly rabbit.) pizza.
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"Across Oceans of Space" has a lot of potential.

It's a multi-verse AU, and so far I've gotten 2 of the planned universes written. Um, slash, het, genderbending. Also death warning in first section. It was inspired by the fabulous "Riding the Wheel of If."

Across Oceans of Space: Prologue )

It came!

Jun. 9th, 2003 04:43 pm
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The new improved version of Sanctuary Moon arrived today.
Larger font, protective cover (inkjet illos do blur under damp hands) and no druids. (A stupid typo of mine that didn't get caught)

Very hot, very sexy. If you like Han/Luke slash at all, contact for your copy!

Vampiric Jedi.
An AU about a corporate merger.
A fairy tale
A reworking of the end of RotJ
Poems by khylara
A 35th birthday present for Han, from his dad
Vignettes and stories
A very silly story by Vic Coopers
4 full color illos, 3 by X
Illos by Alex, Larrkin, Susan, Sayaka, Tina and ZP Florian

And an editorial by the sheep

Can I squee some more?
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Lesbian strippers!

The thing you need to know about this fic:
1) These aren't mine. They belong to Lucasfilm.
2) Read the warnings
3) "Eye of Dawn" in Malay is "matahari"
4) The sex is very explicit, NC-17, OK?

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