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Happy Yule, one and all. You've sat through the sermon. Now it's time for presents!

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50 books

Dec. 12th, 2011 01:43 pm
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14) Slipping the Stream. Mike Shade. Sexy cyberpunk. I liked the cyber part, but there was too much sex.

15) Carnival of Souls. Crymsyn Hart. Sorcerer brothers open a carnival to gain souls for their demonic master, but love throws a curveball into their plans. Good.

16) Through the Mirror. Crymsyn Hart. Second of the series. This time, the other brother falls in love. Not bad, but I am not having urgent need to read the third

17) Of Blood and the Moon. Jimmy Gillantine. An ancient monster haunts Memphis. Pretty good, especially for a first novel. Copy edits needed.

18) Wild Passions. S.L. Armstrong, ed. A number of stories of humans and not-quite humans in love. Everything kitsune to sea people to laboratory made anthropomorphics. Variable, as all anthologies, but solid and good.
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Okay, it's just pathetic that I haven't finished a book since July. I have several half read, but not making much headway.

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13) Slipping the Stream. Mike Shade. Oversexed (it is a Shade) cyberpunk story. Good action sequences, started skimming the sex.

14) Kaminishi, Jan Suzukawa. Modern dilettante student is timeslid to feudal Japan and falls for a warlord. Once back in his own time, he starts hunting for the reincarnation of the warlord. Didn't grip me like I had hoped, but readable.
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10) Burnt Offerings. Laurell K Hamilton. This starts Anita's trend of spending the whole book dealing with vampire/shifter politics and angsting, and then wrapping up the mystery in 3 pages. Not bad, though.

11) Micah. LKH. Anita and Micah spend their first weekend alone. She's actually working, which is good, and actively dissecting her relationship so she can escape it, which is annoying. Not bad, but more for completists.

12) Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead. This anth was nominated for the Lambda Award. It's an excellent cross-section of GLBT writing, from zombified drag queens, to lesbian truckers to ordinary folks coping with life, love and brain-eaters as best they know how. Very good.
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38) Little Brother. Cory Doctrow. Brightest kid on the block gets nabbed by Homeland security after a bombing and decides to get even. Interesting if implausible.

39) Saving Melanie. Elizabeth Donald. Nifty SF tale of terraformers who dream planets into being.  Go get it for 2.50!

40) Portrait of a Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed. Patricia Cornwall. Detailed, elaborate procedural in tracking down Jack the ripper, including use of mitochondrial DNA. She believes it's Walter Sickert, the artist.
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29) Lunatic Cafe. Laurell K Hamilton. Someone is killing lycanthropes and Anita has to find out who. Can I just say how much I love Richard Zeeman, her werewolf boyfriend? Any man who cooks for me, unasked, while wearing a Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies apron is a keeper.

30) The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling. It's been too many years.
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20) The Arrangement by Cat Grant  Good little menage a trois. So often one partner gets left as  the odd-man out. With this one, there was never that feeling. Eric neglects both his lovers equally, a hazard of his job. Good characters, nicely written. And the sex was not overwhelming.

21) Depraved by Bryan Smith. Gruesome horror from the master of it. Excellent female characters, a classic cliche--small inbred town with weird customs--with new life breathed into it. If you got the stomach, well worth the read.
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1) Hawg. Stephen Shrewsbury. Stephen is a lovely man, smart and funny. And this book is totally gross. It's the book he wrote when he couldn't place his well-researched and written historical novel. It's a page-turner and quite possibly the goriest thing I've read. Lots and lots of horrid gorey deaths. Massive rapes. Kinky sex. Drug use. Small town corruption. Bad Formatting. (I counted at least a dozen editing errors and more formatting ones) As I tweeted "When [name drop] and Shrews sever penises it's all in a day's work. When I do it, I'm a crazy radical manhater."

2) Deviations III-Discipline. Jodi Payne and Chris Owen. More fun, this time in Paris, with Tobias and his sub, Noah. Hot and sexy.

3) Urban Gothic. Brian Keene. Not so hot on this one. Keene is hit or miss for me. When he hits, he hits big. When he misses, it's because he's being derivative. And this time.... Let's just say moving The Hills Have Eyes to inner city Philadelphia and crossing it with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre did not improve it. Go read Ghoul or Dead Sea instead.
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36) Toybox: Rings ed. M. Rode. A nice collection of stories. An older pirate gets some help. Dr. Fell trains some naughty boys. An ancient Chinese prince time-travels to teach modern philanderer a lesson. Hot, sexy and very nice.

35) Cheating Chance by James Buchanan. One of the best books I've read this year. Brandon and Nicky meet at a Goth convention. Brandon is a closeted cop and Nicky is a slot inspector for the State of Nevada. A tautly plotted suspense novel with some very sexy love scenes, this comes highly reccommended.

34) Bubbas of the Apocalypse ed. Selina Rosen. The anthology that started it all. When the Y25nvirus kills all the yuppies, the bubbas inherit the earth. Mixed quality from workmanlike to screamingly funny.

33) Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Fascinating book on everything from cheating in sumo wrestling to names and how they reflect community. Read this!

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Ellora's Cave just announced their Summer print sched.

"Raising the Dead" is going to be part of Trick or Treats 3.
A real book in a real bookstore! *bounce!*


If you want to win a copy of "Five Time Loser"
send in a made-up CB handle for yourself
or just go to

This is a sexy little paranormal. [ profile] elisa_rolle reviewed it here
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18) The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. A series of creepy novellas linked by a forbidden book that drives the readers mad. The court of the Dragon and the Yellow Sign are both excellent. Victorian (1895) and convoluted, best experienced as an audio book. (audio)

17) Good Omens by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman. Absolutely hilarious. Prachett is always funny, and I am more in love with Aziraphale and Crowley than ever. Consenting bicycle repairmen, indeed!

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Book Rec

Apr. 28th, 2005 10:20 pm
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The Snake Oil Wars or Scherezade Ginsberg Strikes Again by Parke Godwin

This book is dedicated
"To those lucid and courageous minds who gave you the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, Falwell, Robertson and the God-inspired Rule of the Righteous. To those intrepid souls who fight with unflagging zeal to remove from libraries dangerous books they have not read and from theaters those spiritually toxic films they have not seen, believing that thought is a controlled substance and secular thinking hazardous to mental health."

Godwin is a brilliantly funny writer, and has a scarily vast sense of history.

In this post-life romp, lobbyist Lance Candor--Christian Reconstructionist who died saving the President from an assassination--hurls a bomb, upsetting both George Kaufmann and George Gershwin, and making Wagner roll his eyes. The resulting explosion has fallout throughout both post-life energy pools: Top Side and Below Stairs. Major historical figures of politics and religion and art wander through with only their own concerns, "personalities death had rendered more permanent than improved."

In the end, Marcus Aurelius sits on the bench as the whole face of Reconstructionism is brought forth and exposed in all its ugliness.

And anything that includes a 60's radical hippie chick coming on to a blue fertility goddess can't be all bad.

The prequel, Waiting for the Galactic Bus is also worth reading. It's set mostly Belowstairs, just as the sequel is set Topside.

I really should dig my copies out for a reread.
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The way to do this is take the list, remove authors that are not on your shelves, replacing them with authors that are to keep the list at 10
[ profile] yonmei's books
Terry Pratchett
Gene Wolfe
Arthur C. Clarke
Ursula K. Le Guin
Christopher Priest
Laurie R. King
C. J. Cherryh
Stephen King
Leslie Charteris
Mary Renault

My books
Terry Pratchett
Arthur C. Clarke
Stephen King
Julian May
Michael Moorcock
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Parke Godwin
Brian Daley
Glen Cook
Barbara Hambly
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I'm up so late because I was finishing The Red Tent. Excellent, excellent book.

Dinah is a footnote in Genesis, a brief sidebar in the story of Jacob and his twelve sons. Bible fanfiction, and far more gripping than the source material.

Not to spoil anything, but am I a perv for wanting Joseph/Po-ti-fer slash? Joseph is presented as bisexual in the novel, a wife yet looks longingly on his bodyguards who are all beautiful as he was in his youth.

Read it. Fabulous, fabulous.

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