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Finally found them.

Ballad of King Christian X.
(c) Peter Beagle

Arthur, Alfred, and Barbarossa
Rode to war with their singing men.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Rode in the park and rode home again.

Richard, Connor, El Cid Rodrigo
Burned great cities beneath the stars.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Gave out prizes at church bazaars.

Sargon, Offa, and Charlemagne
Waded in history to their lips.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Signed his papers and christened ships.

Chaka, Cyrus, and Chandragupta
Would have fought when the Germans came.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Told his people to swallow the shame.

James, and Carlo, and poor Alphonso
Fled the lands when they lost the throne.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Rode through his city each day, alone.

Hitler, Himmler, Goering, and Goebbels
Decreed yellow stars for the Danish Jews.
And good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Said no word when he heard the news.

Friends and strangers, may heaven spare us
From ever learning what souls we are.
But good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Rode next day with a yellow star.

"For as you do to the least of my people,
However weak or alone they be,"
Said good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
"So you do it unto me."

Arthur, Alfred, and Barbarossa
Made some sorrow and some to sing.
But good King Christian--the old king of Denmark--
Knew what mattered in being king.
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I love October. Here at Chez Mudd, we let October stay just as long as she likes.

So, we're going to be having excerpts and music and other fun stuff, and what better way to kick off October than with Vampire Week!

On my facebook, there is the daily Piece of Flair, where I show off my virtual button collection.

And we will be giving away some books too! Because there's nothing like some Halloween reading to make your blood chill and your flesh crawl!

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Welcome to 2012.

Quote of the day: "I've written through parenting crisis, emotional disasters, mental stress and distress including anxiety and depression, busy times at work, illness, you name it. In the eleven years since I became a pro, chemotherapy and surgery are the only things that have been able to stop me cold, and believe me, if I could find a way around that, I would." [ profile] jaylake Read the whole thing, it's well worth it.

We all resolved to lose weight this year, right?

7 foods that help I like apples and pumpkin...

And Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day

As a fair few of you are writers, we also resolved to write more.

"Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” ~ T. S. Eliot And other Advice to writers from the greats.


Politics, politrics, politics.

Rick Santorum announces forced annullments This is the source video. For an assessment of it, Michaelangelo Signorile has it

More Santorum surging over the news: "I don't want to help black people with someone else's money." This is an article with embedded video.

Cindy Jacobs, who looks remarkably like Dolores Umbridge, right down the pink, has called for a war on the lie of separation of church and state. and Newt Gingrich takes up arms in the battle.

Obama, on the other hand, is talking up the good. (skip the comments)


Arctic ice melting faster than thought. I had to poke around to get a general source, but USA Today and the LA Times are using the same article as Huffington Post.

We tend to think of misogyny as a function of Islamic and Christian fundamentalists. Apparently none of the Abrahamics are immune. We've had stories of beatings on buses and "female-free billboard" campaigns. Now,the Haredi are hassling a little girl and the news is out, sparking protests. Israel sees this as a battle over the future shape of the nation. The link is from Haaretz, an Israeli paper.

Money Money Money Money, give a little, get a little...

The Rich aren't like the rest of us. Fancy First class airline amenities. Think about those next time you're scraping sleep out of your eyes after 15 hours of driving...

Some things will cost less in 2012. Unfortunately, nothing vital, like bread or milk or gas.


Adam Lambert has a new single (no video yet) and I kind of love it.

This one is for Mudd.
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I just love this vid. All Victorian/steampunk, with early filmatic style, and pagan influences (santa has horns!, the laughing mummers). Andf , of course, Annie Lennox.
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I lost much of my best Halloween music in the great Vista Debacle of 08.

My proposal: post one of your favorite Halloween songs on your own LJ. Just one.

Here's mine.
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
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I think of that poor kid every time I hear this:

Since I listen to a classic country station, I hear it a LOT.
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A-flat. Hit it.

It's starting to look a lot like England
Thirteenth century...
A bankrupt administration, A bankrupt nation
Endless loans and consumer groans agree
It's beginning to look a lot like England
Under Bad King John
All the great Charter's freemen's rights
For the Patriot Act took flight
Savings still are gone!

For those not up on their medieval politics:
King Richard the Lionhearted bankrupted England fighting the Crusade. He famously said he would sell London if he could find a buyer. He spent 6 mo of his reign in his country and his wife, Berengaria (married for her dowry of a fortune in silver) was the only queen never to enter England.

When Richard died in 1199, John lackland, who as the youngest of 5 brothers never expected to be king, had the kingship thrust upon him. Although John was decent for micromanaging, he wasn't much of a big picture guy and left the running of the country to sheriffs and barons. He raised taxes, repeatedly, trying to bail England out of the financial crisis in which Richard had left it.

Since he was taking a bigger cut for the country, the nobles and sheriffs had to tax their people more in order to make their own positions profitable. (Sheriffs paid thousands of pounds a year for the privilege of collecting taxes.) Eventually the Barons revolted under the hated scutage, or tax of knights to fight France.

John ended his reign dying of dysentery in a castle on the Nottingham/Lincolnshire border, the crown jewels lost in a swamp, 17 children fighting for his throne, the barons at war with the crown and a French prince trying to take the throne of England.

Starting to look similar here.

My cloudy crystal ball says:
The Republicans will stop trying to win soon. Much better to shove the Democrats into having to clean up their mess, so that they can point and sneer, "See? we told you THOSE PEOPLE were incapable." Obama will either have to be the next FDR, or democrats won't stand a chance for 50 years, and blacks will never be elected to major office again.

Odd thought

Sep. 7th, 2008 01:26 pm
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It hit me this weekend who Serena Joy Sarah Palin reminds me of, every time she goes for the populism.

"I'm just an ordinary housewife and mother, like all you housewives and mothers out there."

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my Robin Hood playlist is on Yousend it. Click the cover.

Special thanks to Katie and Atalanta and everyone for helping me with music.
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I decided to take advantage of the quiet this morning and burn some music CDs
The stuff for the halloween party and [ profile] reannon's vampire CD for Dragon Con.

I interpreted "vampire" rather broadly.

Halloween Cd Playlist )
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Did dishes.
Clean the front-room/Dollface's room/study.
(Haul= 3 bags trash, 1 bag pop cans, 7 cents, 3 forks, 4 spoons, and all the missing kid socks.)
Ran laundry
Cut extra frame from "Teddy Bear's Picnic" aka "The Vid where Angel got the beat."
(View it here Comments welcome.)
Bathed kid
Played sims with Bunny
Did not write.
Did not vacuum.

My life could get interesting soon. Will write more on that when and if it happens.

I think i'm sending a VHS to Escapade. Probably "Teddy bear's Picnic" and "I miss my Friend." Both SW. One gen, one slashy.

I'll hold on to "Surfin USSR" "Riders on the Storm" and "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" for Media West. Dunno what VividCon will get. Maybe "Highway Man"

On my "must buy this paycheck list": shoes, a new computer chair.

"Ten Random MP3s from Angel's collection"
Dunmore Lass--The Chieftains
Missionary man--Eurythmics
Teddy Bears Picnic--Max Bygraves
Big Bad John--Johnny Cash
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road--Elton John
Black magic Woman--Santana
Good Run of Bad Luck--Clint Black
Engine #9--Roger Miller
Bonnie Bonnie Boy--Maid in the Myddle
Ugly Mrs. Fenn--Wylde Nept

Ten More )

Dead tired

Jul. 23rd, 2003 11:32 pm
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So the kitchen is clean to the refrigerator. I'll worry about the back half tomorrow. With great good fortune, I won't have to work.

Dear God,
When I said I needed extra time to clean, hurricane-force winds laying waste to half the city were not what I had in mind.

Writing this off to Your weird sense of humor,

My Neopets account was frozen. They said I was cheating on flash games. I'm not! I can't even figure out how to use the "Skip to level #" codes, how the hell could I cheat?
I petitioned to be reinstated.

Gacked from [ profile] sidewinder

Name a song that ...
...that reminds you of an ex: Hot Summer Night by Sawyer Brown
...that makes you cry: Traveling Soldier by The Dixie Chicks
...that reminds you of your childhood: You can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd by Roger Miller
...that reminds you of high school: Purple Rain by Prince
...that mirrors you too closely: Spooky by The Rascals
...that makes you laugh: The Saga Begins by Weird Al
...that will always get you up to dance: Kicks by Paul Revere and the Raiders
...that you used to hate, but now love: Most rock
...that you love but wouldn't know of if it weren't for a friend: Elusive Lover by Suzi Quatre
...that you like from your parent's collection: Age of Aquarius from the Hair soundtrack
...that makes you think of sex: Take my breath away by Berlin
...that is your anthem: White Cliffs of Dover by Jim Reeves
...that is your ultimate love song: Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis
...that reminds you of something nasty: Sweet Little Sheila by Buddy Holly (always puts me in mind of a necrophiliac serial killer)
...that reminds you of a break-up: Used to Blue by Sawyer Brown
...that makes you think of your friends: Party all the Time by Eddie Murphy
...that is held between you and a friend: Redneck Girl by the Bellamy Brothers
...that would be your choice for a national anthem: This Land is Your Land by Arlo Guthrie
...that changed your life in some pragmatic way: Tell me I was dreaming by Travis Tritt (broke my heart and inspired me to get back with my hubby)
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The top 100 Country Songs )

What amazes me is how many of these I can actually sing.

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