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From behind me, there is an omninous rumble, the sound of the Rolling Adventurer Pancaker!
No, wait. It's just my week.

Tomorrow, Mudd leaves for a conference. He'll be home Thursday, so I get to single-mom all week.

I have 2 hats to make before Friday.

I have a vid to finish.

I need to get with Killa.

I have to do a clothes inventory for my kids. I know they don't have a week's worth of clothing. I wash too often.

I wish I didn't have to work. I want to be fabulously wealthy and buy myself an island that I designate "Fandom Central." Guesthouses with all the amenities--including frond boys/girls who cook, clean etc., conference rooms, a private airline from every major city, movie theaters, in-bungalow home theaters, a bought agent who gets my work published.

Share the fantasy...

Long day

Jun. 16th, 2005 06:00 pm
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So, this morning I got up and got around. I finished my t-shirt for the protest and headed out. Alas, I scorched the shirt.

The graphic looks like this:
Read more... )

But I went out and held up my sign and got sunburned. We chanted and sang and waved at the passing cars.

Pictures here:
I'm fourth from the left.
My sign said "Ministry of Love. ROOM 101"
We're TiVoing the news coverage.

I was ill, so I came home early, threw up, had a short nap, fixed lunch and went to work.
I was sent on an errand for work, and found [ profile] irene_heron's Christmas present. 8)

The shirt got a great deal of positive response. If you want your own (without me scorching it), try my
Cafe Press Shop
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This week:
VBS for the three littles
Swim lessons for Obi and Dollface

Saturday: Pride
Sunday: Bunny to Band Camp

Things to do:
1 story for Con*Strict (Looking like Narnia)
1 story for Spiced Peaches (S/Mc)
1 story for Slash the Slashers (Looks like Indiana Jones)
1 story for 13th Wave (S/Mc)
Vids to [ profile] killabeez for VividSection
work on vid for Premiere Show, and any for ConStrict

Must watch BSG, Brimstone, Firefly.
Not having slashy vid ideas, but producing a great deal of writing.

Oh my

May. 26th, 2005 12:13 pm
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Oil changed
shortbread baked
daughter convinced to wear Hogwarts uniform
fridge cleaned out
serving pieces found
clothing packed

Off to take nap before cleaning out car and getting kids.


May. 25th, 2005 04:28 pm
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So, Bunny is baking Potter's Pepper Glasses and her Terra shorts fit pefectly. Go MOM!

the GLBT community center picnic (in 1.5 hrs) for volunteers
once home, start laundry
sew turtleneck
bake shortbread
burn CDs for listening
find and hem Kita skirt

get oil changed
Drop Warlord's DVD at post office
clean out car
pack suitcases
Box fanzines
assemble artwork
Round up nonperishable food
Make sure I have ears, spirit gum and make-up
After school, take Bunny to Payless for boots
load car
have dinner
load perishables into cooler
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So I got the art show space requirements in for Bunny and myself.

We're getting 1/2 a table and 1 panel. I hope to get a couple of Jedi bears done and framed.
Bunny will have Neopets and Teen Titans. She's also working on unicorns.

I want to get the Knotwork Sewing Set (pin cushion, needlebook and scissor keeper) done. I wonder how well pink and purple will fly tho...

Things I want to make:
Obi-Bear (blue saber, padawan do)
Qui-Bear (green saber)
Anakin Bear (Black Jedi clothes, red saber)
Wizard plushie
Unicorn plushie
Owl plushie
Knotwork Set (pink and purple)
Knotwork set (red and black)
Pillow done of filet crochet in Knotwork.

Not much

Apr. 6th, 2005 10:25 pm
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It was a seriously dreary day, and as I was up until mumble-thirty reading smut, I took a long nap.
Dollface joined me and we snuggled the rainy old noon-time away.

We got up, collected her brothers, got milk (while we were out) and a box of Corn Pops.

Much cornpops do I see in our future. Many lightsaber spoons does the flock need.


I gave all of Succubus Productions a May 15th deadline for their new vids.
Now to meet it myself. We can submit up to an hour of vids for MWC, but Bunny and I have to staff the vid room for 1 hr/15 minutes of vids. I have credits made...

Obi is working on a model of Jupiter. He wrote the paper already. He asked how the moons got named. I said "They were all Jupiter's sweethearts." "Even Ganymede?" "Yep." And I blanked on the myth of Europa. All I pulled was Io being changed into a cow.

Bunny is going to the carnival with Sam on Sat, and we're doing something with Mooney on Friday. Mooney decided she was speaking to Bunny after all.

Jonner, Dollface and Shel-next-door played in sidewalk chalk all over the drive. So cute.

I'm trying to get off the caffiene before May, so when I go back on for MWC, it will have an actual effect on me. I'm planning to drive overnight.

Must get Art Show and Party room reservations in.

Current plans:
Friday: Girls' Night Out
Apr 20: Oompa Loompa costume finished
Apr 25: midnight hours
Apr 27: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
Apr 30: Beltaine, must have good clothes for kids
May 15: vid deadline
May 20: Let [ profile] jkb know about vid and travel plans.

MWC plans:
Drop off artshow stuff, get gofer hours.
Party for kids
No panels this year. Just audience on the ones I want to.

Writing deadlines: June 1 for Constricted By Plot.
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So far today, I have:

Sewn a Galadriel costume.

Chased out over 80 extra frames in my Club Vivid vids that showed up in .avi and NOT in .wmv. GRRR. Ten persist and will be shipped to Thunderdome! Ten frames enter, one vid leaves!

Been to the local costume store for spirit gum

Been to the grocery store

Got my reservation for Beltaine in the mail

Gone to the con hotel to pick up my registration (I forgot the banquet refund. They were in no shape to find it for me.)

Put the "Corellians can't get lost" adage to test both in hotel and on side streets as I dodged a semi accident on the freeway.

Found out I can't go to the play because my panel is at 7.
Opening ceremonies are at 8.
The meet n greet is 9.
I have to change clothes between each of these.
(Black velour jumpsuit and horns for the panel, SCA garb for the ceremonies and back to street clothes for the meet)

Called the school about my son's field day t-shirt

Now let's see if I can whip up a quick tunic for the Con.


(I miss my hamster wheel icon)
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It's been a good day.

I got most of "What I Did for Love" finished. Still waiting on one capture, but that's ok. I'll have it finished tomorrow. It makes me all sniffly.

I got about half of "Highwayman" vidded. The first and last verses. I was disgusted to remember I'd disposed of my Six Days Seven Nights rip to make space. And I still need to find my copy of Force 10 from Navarone It was one of those epiphany moments. I saw exactly how the clips should go together to make the vid! So, I struck while the iron was hot.

Must find time in the next week to:
1) watch Omen III
2) revise the ST Roman AU
3) Finish the Badfic (another flash of inspiration)
4) Finish the Inappropriate Elf fic

laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning

Got most of my stuff done at work, and am stuck here for another 6 hours. (Sunday is my 9 hr shift)

Managed to get roughs of the viking clothing sketched for Illugi's saga. Hope it helps. For my pitiful artwork, look behind the cut tag

this is why I write )
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Somehow, it just summarizes my life to pass a Baptist church bus and see their phone number is (xxx) 666-XXXX.

I need to make the hats for my neices.
Mail off the gifts.
Dragoon Obi to help me wrap the girls' presents
Dragoon Bunny to help me with the boys'.

And right now? I need to make tuna salad sandwiches and chocolate milk. Yes, I know it is 10:30 PM. It's for tomorrow's lunch boxes.

Lilo and Stitch is a gorgeous, wrenching movie. I got all sniffly, cuddling my two littlest ones and watching.

Battlestar Galactica is actually more interesting now than it was in the 70s. I am not getting the cheese factor. The plot-lines are a tad contrived, but there is continuity! And the actions in one ep have consequences in later eps. The FX look really good. (OK, I saw one matte line!) The dialogue is not dreadful. (It's not Buffy-level banter, but it is fine) And Richard Hatch is a beautiful, beautiful man. I watched five centarhours of it last night, taping it off the TiVo. Have not yet seen the new one. Obi wants to be a viper pilot now.

Added a few seconds to the Asylum vid. having trouble finding my sources, as most of my videos are unlabeled and uncatalogued. Holiday project: labels and cataloging.

Mudd did a new vid to "Written in the stars" using footage from 1984. WinstonxJulia: TheirLoveIsSoDoomed. It's at Mudd & Angel's Vid Archive. Feedback is, as always, welcome.
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My thanks to [ profile] mirabellawotr and [ profile] cortese for their help in clarifying my upcoming video. Even if I don't use your ideas, the research i had to do to properly explain why was enough to get me defined.

So Luke Skywalker is Antisocial Personality Disorder (used to be psychopathic) with Delusions (grandiose) [The guy kills people because a dead man tells him to and believes he has psychic powers]

Dorothy Gale is undifferentiated schizophrenia, with flattened affect

and Damian Thorn is Delusional Personality Disorder (grandiose)

Prognosies are bad for all of those...

Long day. i cleaned a lot, made a good dinner with some of the biggest sweet potatoes I ever saw, tried some stuff in movie maker, took care of a sick Bunny, talked to my mom, supervised the tree set-up and grocery shopped.

My sister never had any interest in the stuff i liked. it all bored hr. She couldn't figure out my Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fixations. She finally saw the DVDs of FotR and TT. She's like "I gotta call Angie! I gotta know how it ends!"

I need to call her tomorrow and find out what colors my nieces like in their hats.

We don't currently have a working shower or bath in the house. Looks like sponge baths and sink hairwashings this weekend. Plumber Monday.

I have no heat in my van.

Tomorrow i must redo the Christmas Afghan, and maybe make myself some mittens.
BBQ chicken tomorrow
Chicken noodle Monday
Sloppy joes Tuesday
Mexi-chicken casserole Wed
Either chicken alfredo or corned beef hash on Thursday

I'm for bed soon
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Note to self:
Shell out for the flamin' Tide. All raises hives, and you can't work when you itch.

Amusing insult: I will kill you tomorrow because you are too worthless for me to kill today.

Also "It could be an old-fashioned swashbuckler, except it buckles when it should swash" --Samuel Meyer.

Logy and blah. Trying to plan for Diamond Wars next month, and coming to the conclusion I have a stang of a lot of sewing to do.

To do:
1) make Victorian Christmas squares
2) make Traditional Christmas Squares
3) Make SQX squares
4) Stitch 2 more ladies for x-stitch exchange
5) Finish ZP's afghan (hope she likes lots of colors, is a parasol pattern using scrap yarn, every parasol is a different color)
6) buy spaghetti sauce
7) Friday: mail packages, and buy school supplies.

1) Original Pirate story (currently in beta)
2) moved dance class to Saturday afternoon
3)over-caffinated myself
4) established bedtime routine that includes story for kids.
5) began storyboarding incestuous Luke/Leia/Vader songvid
6) Had bunny for Caleb-focus vid to "Missionary Man"

Busy day

Jul. 12th, 2003 12:33 am
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Worked hard all morning at work (We do half-days fridays in the summer)

Stopped at Wal-Mart and got stuff on the way home.

Paused a while and then went to the Dentist. Rootcanal/oral surgery time. it's not the plastic fillings, it's the fact my nerves are infected. So some Eurythrimycin and and a refernce to an endodontist

Got three squares crocheted in the waiting room.

Came home, cooked supper.

Made a hennin in green to go with Bunny's sideless surcoat and a Robin Hood hat in red felt to go with Obi's yellow tunic. Sewed by hand as too much work to thread machine. Very pleased. They look adorable. Bunny looks like a Slytherin Princess, and Obi looks like a technicolor pageboy. You expect him to burst into a round of "Life could not better be"

Writing continues apace. You know your lead is in trouble when his barroom pick-up asks not "how do you like it?" but "Do you think you can survive it?"

Must go find my own garb. I'm excited. I haven't been to an event in years. (my Ferengi instincts came back on line. I saw some $1/yard striped cloth and thought: "Pirate/Viking pants, 3 yards/pr $20 retail")

Must get puffies together and addressed for posting tomorrow. Mass mailing at 9 AM. Wheee-fraggin-hee.

Bed calls

Apr. 27th, 2003 11:49 pm
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Han's base is finished, must embroider facial features. He's sized-up to match the other squares.

Having trouble finding a good sized Leia pic. I want her in the double buns, and at least 400 pixels.

Double dose of QAF (thanks TIVO) and I am feeling so butch! I want to go out and work on cars, and eat red meat and drink straight shots of whiskey.

Well, maybe not. I'll just take hubby to bed.

My 4 Lukes from E-Bay arrived. My x-wing pilot is in better condition, and I hate when the paint rubs off their noses (like it did on the Jedi). But I have a Hoth!Luke to go in the pocket with Hoth!Han. And brown-haired Bespin Luke, which isn't too common.

Have a friend who I'm not sure if he's none too bright or just ignorant.
"No, no, I won't name a kid Daniel. I want a nice, nonbibilcal name, like Benjamin."

Today it was "But Coke doesn't have any carbohydrates. No fiber."
(Coke is mostly sugar which is a simple carbo)

[ profile] irene_heron is home from the hospital and doing well. Her email sounded, if not perky, at least better. here's hoping things continue to go as well.


Apr. 20th, 2003 08:51 am
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It's Easter. Am I heathen for not wanting to go to church?

Getting 4 kids around, then picking at them for not sitting still (when I want to fidget myself), making them behave (when I'm bored enough to act out) and chastising them for bad behavior all the way home...the whole idea just wears me out.

And I'm sure it's not leaving a good impression of church, God or ritual with them either. Maybe we'll worship at home in a way that isn't stressful on Mom.

And I've been up since the stupid cat dragged in a cardinal this morning. The poor bird was still alive. Rustling and squawking are not a pleasant wake-up call. Must get window fixed so cat stays in.

Note to self: yarn needles and French Vanilla pudding

On the fannish front:
Luke is finished, except for embroidering his face. Not bad. Han is next. Or maybe Leia. I'm afraid Vader's going to kick my butt. He's looking like a lot of embroidery.

And I did some writing. The memoir fic is getting darker by the page. The problem is the frst person PoV doesn't let us see *why* it's all happening the way it is. The best I can think of is the Big Expositional Scene where Luke Explains It All. And I do hate those.

Also read in the remix pages. That looks like such fun.

The BNFs are all gafiating around here, and I feel so alone. ;-)
Following the kerfuffles in Firefly makes me glad I never got big on the fandom. Also makes me think twice about vidding. But the vidding has me in thrall even harder than the photo manips do. I literally dream about making videos. I really need the equipment.

Rewrote the ending of "Invitations" so it's a little less depressing. J over at "Imperium" likes slightly less gloomy ends.

The kids are getting excited about the trip to KC. I am too. My dad is too, I can tell. Dollface is crazy about her "gampaw." She's pretty crazy about her "Gampaw joe" too (mom's husband). And Obi is ready to beat him at some more chess.

Monday, dentist. Velveteen Rabbit dress rehersals.
Performance Thursday/Friday
May 2, cub scout advancement
May 10, mail afghan to [ profile] jkb
May 17, sister's birthday
May 20, pack and be ready to leave.

Mmm, Wal-Mart brand cinnamon rolls (in the tube) are good. Cinnamony, buttery, and good.

And next year, son wants to do peep art: The Fellowship of the Peeps.
And egg art: The Eggpire strikes back. (Smoochie Han Leia eggs, Luke & Vader duelling eggs, a Yoda egg)

I have a strange son...


Mar. 27th, 2003 02:16 pm
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it's been a hellacious week.

So this morning, the gal from Charlotte says unkind things about crafters. I hated the "if it's women's work it's oppressive and not worth doing" subtext of her article.

OK, so working with our hands doesn't remove the fear. But it soothed me in those dreadful post 9/11 days until I could think and act. It continues to soothe me so I can sleep and maintain a semblence of normalcy for my kids. Also the idea of sewing as oppressive: so ill-fitting clothing isn't? I sew from necessity. I have to make a pair of pants tonight.
For 2 hours work, i'll have something useful for my actual work. If she shoots hoops for 2 hours, what will she have to show?

And I got word that my squares for an exchange weren't right. Damn but claret and burgundy look alike in the dark!

No mail yet, says hubby. Hope my hat comes. Gonna fasten buttons in the braid around it. Hope I still have my "Graduate Han Solo School of Hyperdrive Repair" one.

Hubby answered the phone "Schuster, Shyster and Scheister."
I asked for "Schiller."

Pricing button maker. Will see what buttons are selling for at MWC. And what size is popular.

Got the TIE fighter square done. Must size up to match Alliance insignia.
Starting X-wing.

blah. Just blah.
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Five hours of "24." OMG. It was so good I wanted a cigarette afterward.

Jack Bauer is a ruthless bastard and a hottie to boot.
The President is a good man doing a bastard job the best he can.
And Kim is an idiot. I was rooting for the cougar. And the survivalist/loner/serial-Killer(?).

I also got the first square of my SW afghan done. It's a cherry-red Rebel Alliance insignia on a soft-white background, with red edges. The TIE fighter is kicking my butt. I think I dropped a stitch somewhere because my count is off and it's lopsided.

I washed clothes, emptied garbage, located the livingroom and foyer, grocery shopped, washed dishes and got the kids to sleep by 10. I had a good evening.

Today wasn't bad. Dollface didn't want to get up. But both she and Jonner did. I had to get gas. Mmmm, lunch is soon. Decisions, decisions. Meatloaf, maybe.

Mix CD's

Mar. 19th, 2003 10:40 pm
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I do exchanges with my mailing lists.
This time, it's 7 inch crochet squares and pencils from my workplace.
So I decided to toss in a Mix CD, because, you know, I don't share my tea and I don't have hard candy in the house. And I do have an abundance of CDs.

Well, one thing led to another, and with the acquisition of "Elusive Lover" by Suzi Quatro, I now have 4 mix CDs.

Elusive Lover Mix )

Crochet Mix )

Sex Mix )

Spooky )

And I'm off to bed.

Obi got 2 pr of jeans, a sweatshirt and a Castle Playset for his birthday. Mom & Dad got him bionicles.
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Yesterday, I crawled into bed at 3 AM. I was up agains at 7, ready to go to Wal-Mart and have a bake-sale. The girls made $65, which isn't bad. Their bank account stands at $265. They need $1200 more

Notes for next time:
1) Snickerdoodles sell! Make more giant snickerdoodles.
2) Angel food cupcakes don't move. Skip 'em.
3) Make Brownies and rice-krispy treats
4) muffins are iffy
5) Monster cookies are too finicky. Skip 'em.
6) beat the egg whites to stiff peaks BEFORE adding the sugar on nighty-nights, or they turned into burned egg-white goo with chocolate chips in. the fact they are baked on foil is their only saving grace.

Try Gingersnaps, chocolate crinkles and chocolate chips next year. Oh and big M&M cookies.
Maybe rolls.

Hubby pissy as couldn't find TV clicker.
On up side, got cute picture of Obi and Bradlikin snuggled asleep on the couch.

After the bake-sale, we had play practice. Bunny is much happier with her part now. Soldier One has actual lines, and is a bit bossy. She also has a solo dance routine, which is way cool.
Obi wants to be a pull-toy chicken.

Our TV gave up the ghost. We have a new one. Very nice.

I have a nightmarishly messy kitchen to face, and I have slacked on my exchange items.
I have to get those made today: 1-2 7 inch squares, 2 Victorian Rose squares, and the cross-stitched lady.

I'm going to start a load of laundry, get dressed, makes some breakfast and get my Victorian yarn (claret, dk. sage and aran) and go to making roses while watching SV or Sentinel or Buffy.

I spent last night in a pain-fogged, exhaustion haze. I need to see if my revisions make any sense at all or if I need to give up writing when i'm tired. 11 hours sleep and a nice hot soak worked wonders on my disposition.

I lead a busy life, but not an interesting one.
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Monday: Cubs. We dealt in collections. The boys (and dads) were suitably impressed with my SW action figure collection. We had cars and coins and stamps.

Tuesday: Tonight is parent night for the GT project fair. My Viking bunny!

Wed & Thurs: free

Friday: badge workshop, Yarn & Fiber arts. Make sure Bunny has a T-shirt and pillow case. And get magnets

Maybe somewhere in there I can get the whole midichlorian nightmare to quit kicking me. I thought about using mitochondria, but don't know enough about cellular biology to do that. Hells, i know nothing about biology! Life science in 7th grade and genetics in college. I made it through my education without dissecting anything but a gladiola.

Still getting kicked by the 3PO story too.
Writing isn't happening.

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