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There was a shooting at the offices of the anti-gay hate group, the Family Research Council. A security guard was wounded.

The QUILTBAG leaders came together and penned a very nice letter, and the major organizations all signed on.

The FRC knowingly lies about gay people, uses outdated and fraudulant studies and has helped sponsor Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill as a trial ballon for one here.
In the face of that, the response of the Professional Gay Rights folks was very civilized.

My response was not so civilized. I wrote filk. It kind of goes to "I've been working on the Railroad." (doesn't quite scan, but if you know what I'm filking, it can work)

The eyes of the QUILTBAG they are upon you,
Tony Perkins, dear.
We missed your lying ass in DC, but we'll win yet, have no fear.
Your policies are hate based. Your people all are old.
The future clear belongs to us, the free and the strong and the bold!

The eyes of the Christian Right are on you,
Tony Perkins dear
Our leaders sent you hope and prayers. All civilized, they shed a tear
The rest of us, we are cheering. We'd see your lies blown to kingdom come
To take your Talibangelical troops and march them through Hell with a fife and a drum
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1) It's terrific they've built a successful franchise.
2) It's fine they have principles and beliefs.
3) Freedom of speech and religion gives them the right to financially express those beliefs.

4) When those beliefs include sponsoring groups that support laws to kill people like me, I see no need to give them MY money to pass along to arm my would-be executioners.

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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

George Takei got married.

pictures here:

And Bun and I just got invited to Trevor and Daniel's handfasting on Samhain.
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Somehow 3/4 of a mile when you're actually going somewhere feels a lot shorter than 1/2 a mile on a treadmill. My natural pace is 3 mph. No wonder 3.5 makes me breathe hard and 4 makes me feel like I'm dying.

It wasn't a bad morning for walking, a little hot on the return trip from school.

We watched Shindig. Mudd has really taken to Firefly, in a way he didn't last time around.

And, we finally have proof positive what causes lesbianism: The Boston Women's Health Collective.
Every girl in my daughter's gay youth group was given a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves around the age of 11. They all decided, since it is the only common element in their upbringings, that it carries Teh Dykeness impregnated in its pages, and springs it on unsuspecting purchasers.
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So, the end of QAF.

No more weekly smut.
No more laughing with Mudd at the silly parts, and pouncing him after an exceptionally hot sex scene.

I felt a twinge as we took it off our Season Pass list for TiVO.

May the actors gain the work they want.

True it was "just" a soap opera. It was pretty upwardly mobile white folks with Teh Gay. But it was groundbreaking. No more suicidal queens. No more miserable queers. The lesbians were about as femme as could be, but you believed they loved each other. The men kissed and had sex on screen, unlike the minstrelry of other "gay" shows. Sex, drugs, plastic surgery, bashing, bigotry, there was no place they were afraid to go.

They kept the characters consistant and yet let them grow. And almost everyone got a happy continuation.

We won't see its like again.

cut for spoilers )

Also, Mudd's QAF vids have been getting mondo downloads.

I think I'll make and enter a Debbie vest in the Mid South Fair. That oughta put some knots in some knickers. If they even let me enter it. If not, I may just have to WEAR it for the fair.


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:35 am
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Having the sort of evening where I have to keep reminding myself that just because 99% of homophobes are straight, doesn't mean that 99% of straights are homophobes. Even in Missisippi the percentage is only 86%.

So I took a nice 10 minute walk on a treadmill. Made .44 miles.

A poll

Dec. 15th, 2003 03:11 pm
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Currently running 99% against gay marriage

Go level it out.

(if you need a fictional zip, 64078 is a good one. Peculiar MO)
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Shut Up And Say "I Do"
Rage against those scary gays and invoke an angry God -- it's BushCo's "Marriage Protection Week"

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Did you hug a priest today? Run from a scary homosexual person? Coo over a copy of Bride's magazine? Fall on your knees and thank God Almighty that your child isn't yet gay or pagan or libertarian and if she is that's OK because it's nothing that regular lithium and electroshock therapy can't "cure"?

You did? Great! Because this entire week, Oct. 13-18, has been decreed "Marriage Protection Week" by the delightfully sanctimonious and homophobic Bush administration. It's true.
Read more... )
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What my marriage does need protecting from:

1) Taxes that drain productivity, yet return next to no benefit.
2) Health insurance that is literally 30-50% of my paycheck
3) Legislation like HR 1119, The Family time Flexibility Act, currently on the House Calendar. Now, I am getting comp time for that 4 hours a month I work on Saturday. I'm salaried. But if I wear an hourly, I'd want time and a half.
4) Rising Cost of Living
5) A society that thinks marriage is based on romance and love, and doesn't acknowledge that it takes a great deal of determination, effort and thought to stay together

What my marriage doesn't need protection from:

1) Other couples who want to marry, regardless of gender and orientation.
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[ profile] chibisama asked me to post the relevant Bible verses on homosexuality, and a brief description of my own views.

The latter is easier. I'm bisexual, currently commited heterosexually. I grew up fundamentalist in a rabidly anti-gay church. Every preacher has a hobby horse. Bro. Bob's was gay folk destroying society. This was devastating to a teen who was beginning to realize she wanted to kiss girls the same way she wanted to kiss boys. Over the years, I've held many views. Currently, the one I hold is "God loves me. My job is to love Him and others. The rest is details." I think same-sex marriages should be legal, but I think a church has every right to dictate who it will and will not marry. Just as Fr. Charlie would not have married my husband and I at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Rolla, because we are not Catholic and he did not marry nonCatholics, so Rev. Billy should not have to marry Joe and Fred because his church does not marry gays.

The icon I'm using is Debbie Novotny, from "Queer as Folk." She's den mother to the tribe of Lost Boys that inhabits the show, and Mom to Michael, our narrator. That should say most everything.

I had a long road, and a lot to wrestle with. Also, every guy I dated later came out of the closet. So I had guilt for "turning them gay" as well. I've let go of all that.

Bible Passages:

There are many better sources than my maunderings, so I'm pulling from them:
Summarizes both the pro and anti gay sides of theology, but comes down heavy on the anti-gay side
Recovering from Bible Abuse has this site with the 6 main passages (behind the cut tag) used to condemn homosexuality.
Genesis 19:5
Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13
Romans 1:26-27
I Corinthians 6:9;
I Timothy 1:9-10
This is a very comprehensive link site. Watch the popups since it's Angelfire.

Jesus himself never said anything about it. You'd think if it was a huge, pressing concern, he would have.

And interestingly, Judges 19, the story of the Levite's Concubine (which runs much as the tale of Sodom) is almost never included. Probably because the men who are there to rape the
Levite settle for the woman (a more acceptable target).

Angel is prooftexting! )

Much of Paul's writing, and the pseudographia of the Pauline letters, is directed to specific churches with specific problems, and is not widely applicable to all churches in all situations. Hence, the appearance that Paul contradicts himself in places. If Church A has Problem A and Church B has Problem B, where B is the exact opposite of A, of course the advice is going to be diametrically opposite. Corinth is not Rome. Nor was all of the NT written by Paul. Many of the letters are attributed to Timothy wfriting in the style of Paul.
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A poll on the Marriage amendment.

The polls are running 84% against!
This is down from 91% against, but still better than 2:1 in favor.
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Go to the left sidebar. You can vote for or against an amendment that would make het monogamy the constitutional law of the land
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Watched Ice Age tonight. From the life-mated rhinos to the all-male herd, it was beyond slashy.

Hubby then challenged me to name a show with no subtext.

Spent 20 minutes laughing because I couldn't come up with one.

I defied him to slash Andy Rooney and Mike Wallace. He said no need with Morely Safer about.

Malcolm in the Middle. The Golden Girls (Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan).
Nothing was safe from my warped imagination.

Finally: The Avengers. But Mr. Steed evinced no interest at all in Mrs. Peel. Oh dear.

Must remember to smack hubby.


Apr. 24th, 2003 11:53 am
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Actual transcript of the Santorum interview.

Commentary on the interview.

For the really scary stuff, click here:

I do not understand how allowing Fred and Joe to marry is more destructive to The Family (tm) than a 50+% divorce rate, than an economy where both parents must work, than a nation that refuses to provide the most basic of services for its most vulnerable citizens: children. (We were doing better, then the budgets all tanked)

So I'm dense.
So I'm "Not Right with God."

I like our marriage system: you get the certificate, which is a legal function and have the ceremony performed by a licensed personage. The ceremony may be a secular or as religious as the couple wants it, and in any location.

I just don't see a need to restrict it to heterosexual couples. I think marriage should be open to any number of adults capable of signing a legal contract.

But that's far too logical.

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