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Brimstone Christmas fic for [ profile] sidewinder, Dec 2004
TV-14 rating. Violence, slash.

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October is for excerpts. So almost every day, there will be a paranormal excerpt at the blog.

Today's is from "Prey," a boy-meets-incubus story set in Memphis.
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What is the Wedding Sip Blitz?

Twenty of Torquere' s great authors have written wedding themed stories to show their support in the fight for equal recognition of gay and lesbian marriage! Sexy and sweet, funny and dramatic, these Sips will satisfy everyone's urge for something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue! The best part about the Sip Blitz is that all of the authors have agreed to donate the profits from their wedding Sips to charity, with Torquere Press matching their donation 100%! All profits collected from the sale of the wedding Sips will be donated the Lambda Legal Defense Fund. Sips cost just $1.29, and you can't beat that for entertainment and a good cause! Buy them all, and get the entire twenty Sip package for 15% off! Who doesn't love a happy ending? The Sip Blitz begins Saturday evening, September 13, 2008!
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Some anonymous donor has paid for 20 complete sets of wedding sips.
Just go over to Syd's place and enter the contest today!
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This is a look at Chris and Dave from my Men in Uniform stories, from a different PoV: that of a wedding planner.
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The Torquere Press scavenger hunt is on. You could win a shiny new Kindle!

The Books for a Year contest is back as well. Enter your name and address for a chance at a free paperback every month.

The Road of Relationships freebie calendar is up as well.

Also, if you've been wanting a copy of Nikolai and haven't got one, hit My Contest Page for a chance at both a book and a Nikolai coffee mug with Barry Bulsara's awesome cover art.
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For everyone who wanted this one. It's het, and Adina is playing with her CloneBox, which provides a Fully Integrated Sensory Experience.

This is...not at all work safe

She skipped the candles tonight and plugged straight into the box. Her chosen lover was the Italian bouncer she’d seen that night. Tall, dark and absolutely gorgeous, with black hair that rippled and curled down his back, she’d wanted him the second she’d seen him, but sex with a stranger was too risky. The room shimmered a little and he stood in front of her with a sexy grin, wearing only a pair of very tight leather pants.

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Of his first sea battle, Adlai would later remember little save noise, confusion and smoke. Collins had issued him a pair of pistols, powder and shot, along with a quick kiss and orders to hold his post before the door of the Captain’s cabin. Each time the cannon roared, he wanted to cover his ears and scream. He did not. He was a man, not a child to be terrified of noise.
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Kestrel is available here:
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This is currently subbed. We're waiting to hear.

Nottingham took with him the best of his guard, tenscore knights in bright mail. For added safety, he brought Marion and her lady. The way led through Sherwood and it was well known that Robin Hood never harmed a lady, Saxon or Norman, noble or common.

He rode beside Marion, braving Bess's scowls. The princess hadn't been out of the tower since Lammastide, except to fill her ceremonial function at his table for the great feasts. He had missed her company.
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Because [ profile] reannon wanted it.

Nick shifted a little on the floor of Tanis' apartment. He still wasn’t used to constantly wearing the plug that held his fluffy tail in place. Tanis only took it out of him once a day.

He wasn’t allowed on the furniture. He had to crawl everywhere. And despite her good cooking, all she fed him was kibble in a bowl on the floor. It was better than the stuff from prison, but he hated it all the same.
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Nick marked his place, set his book on the coffee table and went. He knew what was coming next: what he’d wanted for weeks. As he stepped into the bedroom, he started unbuttoning his shirt immediately.

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The federal prison of the Confederated States was located deep in Mississippi, near the town of Laurel, three hundred and fifty miles from Memphis. Unremittingly brutal, most of the inmates merely passed through it on their way to execution. Fewer than thirty percent of those who entered its gates ever walked out as free men.

Ligatos watched the convict gangs cutting trees and deadwood, their scarlet uniforms bright in the December woods. Idle hands were the devil's workshop, and in the C.S., it was assumed that eighteen hours a day of hard work was adequate to keep convicts from associating with their old compatriot.
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Today is Excerpt Day here at the Den's Sub-Annex,
Everyone wants some Nikolai, some 8 Days Ablaze and some Robin Hood. So, we'll have a bit of each

If you haven't voted, go tell me what you want to see!
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For those late to the program: Sean is a disabled Iraq vet who supplements his government checks by writing romance novels. He has a bad case of PTSD and two artificial knees. Gabe is a double amputee phone psychic. He and Sean met at the neihborhood clinic.

On Friday, Sean started a new novel. He'd seen a lot of westerns in Gabe's DVD collection, so he decided the next story would be a western. He'd been kind of mulling the idea over for a while, and he started typing.
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"Crossroads" a menage story, is now available.
"Johnny Cotton went to the crossroads.
So my legend goes.
I got this here guitar
and the Devil took my soul."
$1.29 from Torquere
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This appeared in "ConStrcted By Plot 5." The theme was secret admirer/stalker.

Narnia fic, set before and during The Horse and His Boy. Some minor liberties taken.
Rated PG for attempted rape.
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I drew How to Survive an Earthquake.

Simon & Simon, G, gen )
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This was written in 15 minutes for [ profile] toughguy_slash. It's Frank/Hawk (that's Clint Eastwood & Tommy Lee Jones respectively)

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The phone rang. I put down my sandwich, and answered it.


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Pairing 708: Willie Wonka/Lancelot

A Chance Encounter on the Road to Avalon

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