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Sep. 7th, 2005 08:22 pm
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Any commentary is welcome. I still have time to do some work on these before Z-Con.

Right click, save as

Whiskey Lullabye SW, het. Luke watches as Han and Leia implode. 25.4 M
Small version 2.67 M

The Harrison Ford Slobber Song Rough draft. Het, slash, multi-fandom, including Hanover Street, The Conversation, Witness and Blade Runner. 10.9 M Still needs credits.
Small Version 1.1 M
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It's Wednesday. This is nice.

There was a coolness in the air this morning. It will fade as we approach 90, but it was nice not to work up a sweat walking across the quad at 8 AM. It's the first sure sign that Summer's on the wane, and we're approaching Still Summer. (We have 4 seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Rainy/Icy Muck)

I got the broken shutters off my house yesterday, because it's the first day in ages where I didn't want to faint the moment I stepped out of air-conditioned house or air-conditioned car.

The kids did their t-shirts yesterday, and Obi painted what he calls his Pagan Sneakers: Sun on one toe, Crescent Moon on the other, Fire on one heel, Water on the other. His own design. I'm just trying to salvage what we can for Mid South Fair. Time is limited, money is limited.

They're all decorating cakes, and Jonner wants to bake biscuits.

Jonner had a bad day Sunday. He wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one sort and another. He was destructive (I had to repair the futon) and stole $10 from his dad's wallet. He hasn't yet learned we know EXACTLY how much is in our wallets at any given time. He was sent to bed early with a stern talk from Dad.

Dollface had to draw 3 things that start with M as her homework. She drew a Mommy Monster eating Mice. Normal children would draw mittens, moons, mice, milk and monkeys. Normal children are boring.

Bun's theater director is new to the area. Bun wore her "For the geek shall inherit the earth" tee yesterday. The director chickled, shook her head and said "I worry about you. I really do." Then she figured out we're all crazy.

I got the Harrison Ford Slobber song finished, but I can't seem to render it. It's saved as a WMM file, but I can't get it to .wmv because it keeps crashing. Got the small version saved tho'. Luke and Roy, juxtaposed. Interesting tastes in blonds. Did not, however, use Working Girl, although Six Days, Seven Nights made it in (Angelica, not the blonde)

That gives me 2 for Z-con. Mudd is working on "Windmills of your mind" as a River-focus Firefly vid. Obi did up Mr. "Roboto." Bun has "Still Rock and Roll to Me" going as a Han/Luke slash vid. (it's working) 3/5 are Star Wars, and one has SW content. Maybe I need to make a quick Brimstone watch and get "Man in the Long Black Coat" out? Or get going with that "Crystal Cave" vid for Zoe and "Who I am" for Mal?

lyrics for Crystal Cave )

Did I mention Bun's wanting a guitar? And lessons?
Maybe for her birthday, with lessons over the summer.

Need to make a couple hats this afternoon for the fair.
But first, there are clothes to be dropped at the Gay & Lesbian Center (after 6), bills to pay and maybe some lunch.

Mudd's thinking about joining the PFlag Chess team for the Memphis Gaymes in Oct. And this weekend is the Cooper-Young Street Festival.

My database class is in 1/2 an hour. I'm out of it on sinus meds, and feeling no pain.
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We cleaned rooms. Dollface's will be in good shape when her sheets come out of the drier. The boys have a ways to go.

I washed 3 loads of laundry, so far and 2 loads of dishes. We had spaghetti for dinner, and I need to go buy t-shirts, sneakers and candy molds, plus some fimo clay.

I've laid down about 40 seconds of the Harrison Ford Slobber Song. And I cut The Conversation to my liking so I can use it for the next verse. Martin Stett is gay like a big gay thing, from his homemade Christmas cookies (they're good) to buying Caul a drink, to his too-fashionable tie and stacked Cuban heels on his highlty polished brown boots. The lovers' quarrel with Duvall is exactly that: him trying to break up the director's marriage.

Who forgot to tell me Witness is slash-fest? Daniel Hochleitner is SO totally checking out Book at every opportunity, includng one clip of scoping his ass.

This is going to be a fun vid. I only have to get the redheads (Conversation) and the grey and balding covered. Two choruses are done, and the last one is Luke, which I could vid in my sleep.

No writing. A nap helped me feel better, but I sleep on my side and my ears are getting infected now.
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Needs some work:
Wolverton Mountain (SW)

Some footage laid down:
Wind's Four Quarters (5th Element)
The Harrison Ford Slobber Song (multi)
Tarrent Moss (SW, not working)

Wave on Wave (LXG)
I would do anything for love (LotR)
Careless Whisper (SW Prequels)

Inanna (a Zoe focus firefly vid. "Follow Inanna's footsteps down" as she goes to rescue Mal and Wash)
Who I am (Firefly, Mal focus).
Man in the Long Black coat (Brimstone)
Mephistopholes (Brimstone: "I'm your god of second chances...")
A Fine Romance (multi, slash)
Puck's Song (HP)
Angel in her face (Ani/Ami)
Where O where has Chthulhu gone? (Multi, classic horror)
Lovers: the Triangle (SW)
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Our premiere vid:
Fandom: Harry Potter
Music: Don't call my name in battle by Heather Alexander
Format: .wmv
Size: 7.4 M (small, 1.1 M)
Description: A Lupin Point of View

Right Click and Save:
Full Size
Small Size

For Club Vivid, I recut an old vid, and made a new one

Get Around
Fandom:Star Wars
Music: Get Around by the Beach Boys
Format: .wmv
Size: 9 M (small 1.4 M)
Description: The Boys do indeed get around.

Full size.
Small Size

Fandom: Mad Max
Music: Phantom of the Opera by Harajuku
Format: .wmv
Size: 27M (Small, 4.1 M)
Description: Mad Max, haunted by his phantoms, becomes the promised angel to the survivors.

Full Size
Small Size

All vids are at Succubus Productions Website.

Xposted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] vividcon. Apologies if you get it more than once.


Jul. 12th, 2005 08:23 pm
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So I got my vids off to VVC

"Don't call my name in battle" (HP-Lupin focus) for Premiere
Nearly New gets the SW Cheapshots, and Mudd's "Lonely Days" and "Sing"

They're really going to thank us for inflicting The Bee Gees (in a non-ironic fashion), The Carpenters, Willie Nelson, Sawyer Brown, and
Rick James on them.
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Lovers:The Triangle
Lyrics: Mercedes Lackey
Music: Leslie Fish
Read more... )
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Rif's Falkaener Slobber Song
by Mercedes Lackey

I'm seeing this as a multifandom Ford vid that is both slash and het.

Read more... )
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So, I'm working on my premiere vid for VividCon. It's definitely going in the "stupid, braindead idiot" category. There is no metaphor. There are no layers. It's just a pretty straightforward 1:1 song:movie matchup. I'm just going for the humor. I feel like I shot my wad on the SIX FREAKIN MINUTE Mad Max vid for Club Vivid.

Then, as I drive to work, listening to my mp3 disc, it hits me:
The All Mad-Mark vid should not be to "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" but to "Boys of Bedlam."

skip this, it's rough storyboarding while I'm thinking about it. )

Now THAT would make a great premiere vid.
But I need to see if I can still capture VHS source.

Bunny has gotten me watching Winx Club, and I'm really enjoying it.
Alfea is the girls' school for fairies. Red Fountain is the boys' school for heroes. Cloud Tower is the girls' school for witches. Riven is the bad boy of Red Fountain. I mentally slash him with Prince Sky (who is our heroine, Bloom's, boyfriend). Of couse, there's the Musa/Flora girl thing. And the Icy/Darcy/Stormy OT3

Bunny want to dress as Icy for the next con. Not having much luck finding a good google pic. Since it was Icy or Stella, we opted for the one without wings.
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SW Cheap Shots is now available.

Vids Up

Jun. 1st, 2005 08:45 am
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The new vids from Media West are up at the Succubus Productions Website.

These would be
Obi's "Fundamentals" a Jedi Training vid

Angel's "The Gallows" a Pirates of the Carribean gen vid

"This one's for the Girls" aka Nekkid Boys of Star Wars. Yes, they are all naked, and Ewan caused a couple of walk-outs. As Wolf said at the door, "I'm a straight guy. I can handle the implied slash. I just don't need to see another guy's equipment." I shrugged and said "It's for the girls."


The Cheap shots vid is having problems. That will be corrected tonight.
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Gen Reel:
Terra (Teen Titans) Song-White Flag by Dido
Sing (Brave New World)
Dueling Banjos (Committed)
Son of Man (SW)
Entry of the Gladiators (Indiana Jones)
The Gallows (PotC)
The Tempest (Supervolcano)
Sounds of Silence (HP)
The Greatest Adventure (Bionicle: The Mask of Light)
Fundamentals (SW)

Adult Reel:
Lonely Days (1984, some nudity)
This one's for the girls (AKA The Nekkid Boyz of Star Wars)
Yesterday (Clockwork Orange, nudity, violence)
Star Wars Cheap Shots (nudity, explicit sex, incest, gender confusion, implied homosexuality)

The Slash Reel:
Amazed (multifandom, Geezers in Love)
I always get what I want (Harry Potter, H/D)
Wild West Show (Blazing Saddles, Bart/Jim)

Schedule Here

Packing list:
Clothes, Bunny's costumes, food for party, pic of S/Mc, crochet project

We may not need to buy much food, depending on how much Burger King I eat between now and then.
We already have a free whopper Jr and a free whopper.

(Survived Root canal. Am stoned from pain pills.)
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I edited 3 vids and started a 4th,

Obi's "Fundamentals" finally makes some sense.
My two adult vids are--you should pardon the expression--tighter now.

We got the slash reel burnt. Then the adult and gen reels. Should I call them reels? Or would "discs" be better?

Must get everything done: baby blanket, [ profile] mecurtin's project, all my MWC stuff. Fourth vid is due Sat.

I'm feeling rushed, yet stranegly unmotivated.

Double root canal tomorrow.
I think I'll take a really potent painkiller before I leave. It will let me relax in the chair.
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Poll here

We're getting ready to burn the DVDs for Media West. Input is good. You can choose more than one vid.
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When I opened my vidding program 5 minutes ago, it was half past midnight. It's almost 2.

And I have a VERY feeeeelthy vid.

"This one's for the girls" aka "Nekkid Boyz of Star Wars" came together, finally. The Body Bags section is a little rough. I was more worried about getting Twiggy out. But oh man, does it work. And that Satyr-wink from Velvet Goldmine at the end just makes it all so very dirty.

I'll check it tomorrow and see if I can smooth that gorgeous ass-up Jedi a bit. Maybe I should reinstate Twiggy a little. At least let her enjoy having her kneecaps nuzzled. (No, no naked Yoda, get your minds out of THAT gutter) I left the gal from Rob Roy, because who doesn't dream of a naked Liam Neeson waking her by sprinkling flower petals on her face?
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I have just birthed a 2 minute PotC vid.
Alas, my poor baby is full of extra frames (my computer is exceptionally unresponsive) so I have to perform minor surgery before I can take the little one out in public.

I wonder if I can get "I would do anything for love" ready as well?
Still have to do the vid for SM.

Demo tomorrow. Dance Friday.
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I made these last night when no one was on, and I'm still looking for suggestions.

The vids for Media West. Please feel free to choose more than one in each category, and please vote even if you aren't going to MWC, but esp. if you are.

What dio you want to see more of from us?

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