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Feeling ridiculously accomplished, although I had what most would consider and ordinary day.

I did a freezer inventory, came up with a meal plan and grocery shopped. We have 20 lbs of chicken leg quarters in the freezer.

There were meatball sandwiches for dinner. Yum!

I cubed up a cantaloupe and a watermelon. The produce from Save-a-lot has been SO good. The grapes are ripe and juicy. The watermelon was the best I've had this year. The cantaloupe is soft and full of flavor.
That thing where you cut the watermelon in half, run the knife around the edge and then in a grid, and slice into the sides? It works! Fast and easy.

I got Somewhere Out There up on All Romance Ebooks

I started royalty statements. Everybody's sales are on their pages. Calculations later.

I knitted some and played with kittens.

I am doing laundry. I'll throw them in the dryer and go to bed.

Did some Crone work. Sometimes, a friend just needs a minute to hide in the shadow of the Mountain and hear Grandmother whisper that it will all be okay. The wheel turns.

All in all, a good day.
Planning for the week ahead:
5 Stores, the great Mississippi loop

4 Sears and a Best Buy, The North End.

3 Sears, the south side
Pick up meds


Picnic at the lake!
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Writing: Serial: 1715 Sword& Sorcery: 662 Steampunk Boxing: 487

Total for day: 2864
Total for the month/year: 54116

Workout: 10 minute space aerobics, burned 59 calories

Editing: none

Flying: made bed

Reading: Dark Faith 2

Crafting: almost finished sock

Now to make a mate.

Media: none

Business: Am GOH at PulpCon in Jackson MS! Very excited.
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Writing: 501 words on DJ

Editing: Chapter 1 of Hard Reboot.

Reading: Skin Trade

Workout: Dance 15 min

Flying: Swish & Swipe, made bed, 15 minutes in bathroom: scrubbed floor

Crafting: baby blanket

Media: Sons of Anarchy

Business: wrote editor. checked warehouse that rival gang torched paperbacks that had been in the trunk when the soda-pop exploded.
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Not a bad workday, actually got home before 1 PM. Went to the store, and got cards for mom and MIL. Also got cheesecake stuff. Went to grocery store after dinner. Excellent buy on a pork shoulder. Will crockpot it until done, then roast and BBQ and tacos and quesadillas and more BBQ.

Writing: 1312 words on DJ. After the sex scene, i didn't have another BJ in me for Barbarossa/White/Kane threeway

Editing: none

Reading: Write Good or Die. A bit of Alive on the Inside. It's sadder than I remember

Workout: Dance 20 min

Flying: swish and swipe

Crafting: none

Media: Sons of Anarchy 4:4. This is Hamlet on Motorcyles. And Really? Chibs is far too interested in the Prospect's equipment, and Tig? There is no sexual act that man has not committed. There is NO SUB IN THIS TEXT!

Business: Sold "Tiocfaidh Ar La!" It's been picked up for Carved In Flesh from Storm Moon.
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What the hell? My period's not due for another week, around the 21st. Yet, here it is.

Got business cards for myself and Inkstained Succubus in the mail, and 4 copies of Adventuresses. Also gave away about 115 copies of Adventuresses.

I ran errands, gassed the car, got some food and generally was useful.

Writing: 1472 words, 403 of them on Barbarossa's Bitch. Plotted a story for Carved in Flesh
Editing: worked on "Out of Options." It needs more reaction shots
Reading: finished Talk to the Hand
Workout: danced 15 minutes
Flying: Made bed, swished and swiped
Crafting: made cute rainbow wristlets for OutLanta
Media: Nikita
Business: business cards, books, got my accounting done

I had a full day.

I talked to [ profile] kalikendra and she was pleased to hear me talk about Sean loving Kyla and not snarl about it. Her comment was "The tone for that statement is finally right." There's hope for Hard Reboot, and schmoopy darkness.
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Writing: 1182 words, the beginning of Hard Reboot
Editing: Hard Reboot kicking my butt
Reading: Talk to the Hand, The Gods of Mars
Workout: none
Crafting: shawl & Baby blanket
Flying: groceries and lauindry
Movies: Hugo. Very good.
Business: none
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Mudd had an eye dr appt today, so I took him in. Obi went to the credit union and cashed his check. Came home and mostly goofed off. Did some writing.

Writing: 744 on BB. Worked with [ profile] nbrooks to sort out the big climax scene.

Editing: none

Reading: Talk to the Hand, Danse Macabre

Workout: none

Crafting: worked on Baby blanket

Flying: made bed, swished and swiped, cleared out 2 half-packages of hamburger buns (ate and turned into casserole) In the planning ahead department: made muffins and casserole for my traveling. Grocery shopped.

Movies: none

Business: none
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After work, we went to the store, came home and got the corned beef and cabbage going. I lazed around, accompished nothing. I played some sims, and generally goofed off. There will be work to do tomorrow. Oli called from Nashville. Her sister has an awesome apartment and the sweetest kitteh in the world, she says.

Writing/Editing: nothing
Reading: Talk to the Hand, finished A Princess of Mars.
Workout: none
Crafting: rolled collapsing skein into ball of yarn
Flying: none
Movies: none
Business: uploaded Adventuresses to B&N for the nook and to ARE. Will work on smashwords and other channels tomorrow.
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Work was rainy and long. Had to go through training (again) as computer barfed and didn't send it to my superior. Went to the store. Mudd took me out for pizza. He went to the store and got a Droid phone, as he was eligible for an upgrade. $1, but we get with fees next month for activation and data plan.

Was coming in this evening and something landed near my foot. In the end of the twilight, I saw a toad hop in my flowerbed. My response was "Hmm, careless of Oli to leave her ex-boyfriend around."

Writing/Editing: nothing
Reading: Talk to the Hand, A Princess of Mars. My reading has caught up to Book Radio's audio book production of this.
Workout: none
Flying: Swish & Swipe, made bed
Movies: none
Business: Ordered paperbacks of ADVENTURESSES
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After work had a WW meeting and an IEP meeting with Oli's special services teacher. Another year of that, I think. Then talked to Cat at length. We're going to FroliCon on Thursday, since there is stuff we all want to do. However, could not get a hotel room in host hotel for Thurs. So, will stay at Motel 6 just up the road. Also sorted out my schedule for that conventions. Must do inventory soon.

Writing/Editing: 600 words to BB, re-uploaded cover

Reading: Talk to the Hand, A Princess of Mars

Workout: none. WW weigh in, down 3.8 lbs!

Crafting: none

Flying: swished and swiped, made bed

Movies: none

Business: messed with hotel reservations
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I skived off. Once the kids were off to school, I went back to bed. For four hours. My body was desperate. Ran a couple errands. And my chosen movie was a LOT longer than expected.

Writing: none
Editing: none
Reading: Talk to the Hand, Danse Macabre
Workout: tried for toes & didn't make it, danced 15 minutes
Crafting: ran out of yarn on shawl. Worked on baby blanket
Flying: swished and swiped, made bed
Movies: 1776
Business: Webhost moved the program I was using off the site as I was still working! Have set up new storefront, gotten website back to itself and will be tweaking storefront over the next week
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Typical Monday, rushing here and there.

Got the ids off to school, watched some TV and crocheted, worked out, edited. Spent too much time goofing around. Oli had a dr. apt, for which the dr was not there. We rescheduled.
Checked out the candy store in Marion, hit Wal-Mart.
Made ham with stuffing and sweet potatoes for dinner. Jonner had a band thing tonight.

Writing: none
Editing: Adventuresses
Reading: Talk to the Hand
Workout: 200 calories on Wii, tried for toes, didn't make it
Crafting: 2 rows on shawl
Flying: swished and swiped, made bed
Movies: Walking Dead
Business: Read over tax forms, signed Hard Reboot contract, borked my website trying to add a cart to it. Will tangle with Cube Cart next Monday.
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Writing: 675 on Nick & Corban, 436 on Frozen North, for 1111 total. Got contract for HARD REBOOT
Editing: none. Will do all that tomorrow
Reading: Field of Blood
Workout: 200 calories on Wii
Crafting: none
Flying: swished and swiped
Movies: none
Business: Got tax forms from Arkansas, doing payment acceptance research, bought author table for Fandom Fest
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A busy day but little of my to-do list accomplished.
I got a new tire for the cruiser, ooohed over the shiny new paperbacks of Power in the Blood, picked up Oli's meds, dealt with pack business (this alpha female stuff is harder than it looks), went out to dinner, bought a new computer and set it up, repaired two pairs of sneakers.

Writing: none
Editing: none
Reading: Enough of Power in the Blood to catch a hideous continuity error. In Chapter 1 it's early May. In the church service the next night, it's 2 weeks before Easter... *headdesk* The Book Bears got me.
Workout: none
Crafting: none
Flying: swished and swiped, made bed, 15 minute declutter of front room, cleaned off 2/3rds of desk. (Cleaned right into asthma attack)
Movies: none
Business: new computer, yay! bought a desk top so as not to lose the whole business if I drop the damn thing. Made Createspace order
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Rough day. Work was heavier than it needed to be. Third week of the month, and everyone's sending back lots of returns. I spent most of the afternoon on the phone. Coven stuff. Also talked to my mom, asking questions about nursing in 1920s. If anyone has any info, please share. A friend is doing research and has exhausted the usual avenues.

On the good news front: HARD REBOOT has been picked up by Amber Quill!

Writing, editing: Wrote synopsis for Man-Hunt. Waiting on Naomi's comments. 604 words

Reading: none

Crafting: worked on shawl

Workout:50 calories on Wii

Flying: swished and swiped, 15 minute bedroom declutter

Business: got Square in the mail. Bought my website (ouch). Has a security certificate and a cart included. Now to actually lay it out and build it.
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Writing, editing: HARD REBOOT is OUT out to the publisher! It's 14% sex. Have I gone mainstream yet? And "Between Despair and Ecstasy" (I think) got picked up for an undead erotica anthology. (It's a short story set in the Power in the Blood 'verse, Marcus and Samil's first meeting)

Reading: Building websites for dummies. BADLY out of date (8 years old)

Crafting: none

Workout:touched toes 10 times (made it clear down 5 times), 10 sit ups (still not much more than shoulders and a couple ribs off the ground) and 10 pushups (not getting closer to the floor) I will get stronger, yes?

Flying: swished and swiped, 15 minute bedroom declutter, I got half a bag of trash

Business: none.

busy day

Feb. 20th, 2012 07:24 pm
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Been working since I got up.
Went for breakfast wth mudd, we went grocery shopping.
The kids and I washed three loads of clothes. My laundromat was, of course, out of quarters and packed. But I got change, got driers and sat and read and crocheted
Came home, made BBQ ham for dinner.
Made breakfast casserole, and apple oatmeal muffins.
Edited the first 5 chapter of Hard Reboot. Also doing the sex-word-count. This should be ready to send in at the end of the week.
I need a shower and then to sleep.

Writing: nothing, caught editing
Editing: Hard Reboot down to 79853 words, finished editing Chapter 5 before sending it in.
Reading:The Harlequin
Workout: none. Kids have monopolized the wii
Crafting: shawl
Flying: groceries, laundry, baked muffins and breakfast casserole.
Movies: none
Business: none
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I was sick most of the week, with a very unpredictable tummy. Still managed to accomplish a little

Writing: 3306 words. Finished Manhunt. Computer gave up the ghost.

Editing: Hard Reboot reduced to 94318, then again to 93763 from 98318, so 4555 words removed. We're getting some space to have an escape!

Reading: Finished Love, Hina. Reading The Harlequin by Laurell K Hamilton.

Workout: 450 calories on wii, danced 30 minutes

Crafting: finished Baroque scarf, finished pink and purple hotpad set. Worked on shawl, got to row 23, realized I had screwed up row 17 and had to rip everything out and go back to error point.

Flying: swished and swiped (2x)

Movies: Nikita, Walking Dead, midseason opener, Good Eats, Green Lantern

Business: Read Websites for Dummies. Deposited checks (2x), updated, paid for Storm Moon books, ordered a Square so my iphone can take credit cards
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After work, I came home for smoochies and a nap. After the nap, we went to the grocery, and then for dinner at Captain D's. Mudd did the taxes, so I crocheted and watched Green Lantern.

Writing: none, no computer access
Editing: ditto
Workout: 250 calories on Wii. Dance 15 minutes
Crafting: ripped out 8 rows of a shawl to correct a mistake. Replaced 3.
Flying: swished and swiped
Movies: Green Lantern
Business: Checked with editor and cover artists re: Adventuresses, talked to editor for Riding the Nightmare.
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Having a high pain day for some reason. Shoulders, back and chest are achy. Fungus clearing up after a week without a bra.

Chicken in gravy over dressing for dinner. I baked 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters.

Writing: Having my "finished a story yesterday" day off. Deciding what to write next.
Editing: 93763 on Hard Reboot. 2038 words removed from escape scene
Reading:Harlequin, upt to cha 19, mostly while on the head.
Workout: 200 calories on Wii. Dance 15 minutes
Crafting: none
Flying: swished and swiped
Movies: none
Business: paid for Storm Moon books, ordered a Square so my iphone can take credit cards (living in the future is SO COOL!)

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