May. 21st, 2005 10:39 pm
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Busy busy day.

Between stuff for the art show, and making the Exclusive-to-Sanctuary Moon 2 music vid, and shopping and cooking, and stuff, I'm bushed.

But the Terra costume is well underway. The other item is being hemmed. Lots and lots of hemming.
And there is ham in meal sized packages. And the Slash show is burned to DVD

And Bunny has about 12 items for the art show to my 2. She needs a couple more frames, and she may have more calligraphy yet.

The gen show is having space problems on Mudd's computer, but we'll get it tomorrow
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Gen Reel:
Terra (Teen Titans) Song-White Flag by Dido
Sing (Brave New World)
Dueling Banjos (Committed)
Son of Man (SW)
Entry of the Gladiators (Indiana Jones)
The Gallows (PotC)
The Tempest (Supervolcano)
Sounds of Silence (HP)
The Greatest Adventure (Bionicle: The Mask of Light)
Fundamentals (SW)

Adult Reel:
Lonely Days (1984, some nudity)
This one's for the girls (AKA The Nekkid Boyz of Star Wars)
Yesterday (Clockwork Orange, nudity, violence)
Star Wars Cheap Shots (nudity, explicit sex, incest, gender confusion, implied homosexuality)

The Slash Reel:
Amazed (multifandom, Geezers in Love)
I always get what I want (Harry Potter, H/D)
Wild West Show (Blazing Saddles, Bart/Jim)

Schedule Here

Packing list:
Clothes, Bunny's costumes, food for party, pic of S/Mc, crochet project

We may not need to buy much food, depending on how much Burger King I eat between now and then.
We already have a free whopper Jr and a free whopper.

(Survived Root canal. Am stoned from pain pills.)
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OK, it's up, so here's where I'll be for parts of the con:

4-6 PM: Vidder party in the Con Suite
7-8 PM: Straight Before Fandom?
9-10 PM: Crochet Corner
Zine room, Friday 10p-1a--Gofer

9 AM: The Dark Side. (may include BDSM-fic, mpreg, RPS, even creating photo manips): The allure of the dark side, and how to reconcile it when some of what you're into squicks your fandom pals (/)
3-5 PM: Kid Party
10 PM: Masquerade--Gofer

6-Midnight: Art Auction--Gofer

Looks like it's going to be a relaxing con.
I suspect I will spend much of Sunday running vids in the vid room.
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So Bunny and I got signed up for our MWC gofering hours.

I'm working:
Zine room, Friday 10p-1a
The Masquerade (sat night)
The Art Auction as a runner (Sun night)

She's working:
Friday: Dealer's Door 12-2, Con Suite 10p-1a
Sat: Con Suite 6-8.
Sunday: Dealer Door 12-2, Con Suite 10-1

I also took advantage of the Second Panel Sign Up to say I would moderate the following: (in order of preference)
G117: Straight before Fandom
G123: On the Dark Side
J02: Crochet Corner
G058: Kinks and Squicks
A064: Gay Subtext
G044: Gay Marriage in America, One Year later.

And the Party is Saturday 3-5.

The Spiral Afghan is done. Bunny's art is mostly done. (must get her paper for "Things I may not do at Hogwarts" Thanks [livejournal.com profile] atalantpendrag) The masquerade costume is done.

I'm so far behind, I think I'm ahead!
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They're here!

Bunny taught potions in her Slytherin uniform:
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It's good to be geek
MidSouthCon 23 participants immerse themselves in a world of fantasy

By Erin Sullivan

April 3, 2005

Lee Rushing opens the trunk to his Chevy Lumina, the blue one in the hotel lot with the bumper sticker that says:

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is ...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! The Sun!


-- Vampire Theater

Rushing opens a suitcase and pulls out a black robe. Underneath is 150 pounds (he says he weighed it) of rusted chainlink metal, which in a few hours he will wear over the robe. He hefts it up, proud. It was a great find -- perfect for his vampire character.
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Cheeblemancy! (Cheeble being the war-cry of the enraged bull-hamster)

The Giant Pandas cut a record at Sun Studios. And Elvis could eat twice his weight in bamboo.

Full Stormtrooper kit costs about $500.

Selina's boobs do not fit in the corner. (Esther made her stand in the corner for badness)

That I can indeed get a rap song stuck in my head. At least the musical part. "Stealing like a Hobbit" has been on regular repeat.

That I must make Bunny do the Y-O-D-A dance for me.

That I can consume more caffiene than is legal, safe or even prudent.

Media West is chintzy on their masquerade prizes. MidSouth gives out certificates and free passes for next year to all winners, and $50 prizes to 3 different categories. You'd think MWC could at least do certificates for all winners.
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I overslept the alarm, and we got out of the house later than I wanted to.

We were about 10 minutes late for the Potions class Bunny had to teach. But the kids were waiting for us. We announced the house-elves had been disciplined. And she did the gumdrop experiment while I measured out the Unicorn Mucus and Dragon Bone Powder for the Gack. Both experiments were huge hits, and the kids got to take the Flubber/Gack home.

She wore her Slytherin costume and I'd done her hair in 2 braids, making her look young and to give it the Galadriel wave later. She entered the Hall Costume competition.

I didn't have anything until 4 and Bunny wanted to stay for the cartooning class.

I roamed a while and then went to the "Turn the Other Chick" panel. Hysterical. Esther Friesner is a six kinds of fun and Lee Martindale is even more. Selina from Yard Dog press is personality plus.

I went to Lee's reading. She read "Combat Shopping" from Turn the Other Chick and her new one that's coming out in International House of Bubbas from http://www.yarddogpress.com/. I laughed so hard she Stopped the reading to remind me to breathe. Afterward, I explained why and it was my turn to remind her to breathe.

Afterward, Esther let me fangirl her for a minute. Squee.

We got some lunch in the con suite and went to the art show. [livejournal.com profile] sidewinder, I know at least one of your pieces sold outright and 3-5 others had bids. I hope it was a good con. (I, um, pimped you a bit)

The dealer's room was pretty tiny next to MWC, and mostly books and sparklies. 1 T-shirt purveyor, 1 button shop. I immediately noticed a major difference, and asked Bunny. She said "More jewelry booths." I said "No, it just looks like it since the room is smaller. MWC alwyas has at least 4 jewelry booths." Then it hit her. "No zines. No mugs or zines or mousepads or media stuff."

The number of men at the con freaked us both out all weekend.

I caught the first half hour of Luke Ski's concert. Then I had to go to my panel on "The Librarian as Science Fictional hero." I have plot bunnies. And my Bunny got hauled up to be a back-up dancer for one of the numbers in the concert. I am sad to have missed it.

I just had time to change out of my "Obscene Corellian Wedding Flower Shirt" (hibiscus) and into my elegant black jumpsuit before the banquet. That went off without a hitch. I was eating by 5:15. Salad and steamed beans and carrots, chicken, lasagna, rolls and pecan pie. Excellent. I was back with the paranormal Romance ladies: Elizabeth Donald (http://elizabethdonald.com/) (I really want to read Nocturnal Urges it took Best Novella in the Darrells), Alicia Sparks (http://www.aliciasparks.com), who writes for Ellora's Cave, and Ricky Mallory who writes for Harlequin as Mallory Kane (http://www.intrigueauthors.com/kane-bio.html) on the Intrigue imprint. It was great fun.

Elizabeth and I were up for Darrells and kinda clutched each others' hands at times. The nerves set in. She won for novela, and I got Honorable Mention for the Short Story. I don't mind losing to "Elvis in the attic" because the except was just wonderful and hilarious! They wouldn't read from mine. "Prey" is available from http://www.torquerepress.com.

Then we had to get Bunny ready for the Masquerade. She changed clothes, and we played with the spirit gum, only to find out I'd left the base at home. I took some of the jaundice pallor off her eartips with blush and we called it good.

If she'd had a dollar for every person who'd asked for pictures, she'd have had enough to buy the dragon sculpture she wanted, plus the fairy print.

Finally met [livejournal.com profile] ellabel. She's cute in a priest's collar, but I was expecting shoulder length hair, not waistlength.

The prejudging went for 2 hours, ad I got into a game of "Munchkin" from Steve Jackson. It's fun, easy and I didn't win, but had a good time. Bunny wandered off so I sent Elvis (whom i know from SCA) who was working Security to look for her in the opposite direction that I headed.

The Masquerade is always good, and it went pretty well. The Great Luke Ski performed while the judges made their final decisions. Which was a good way to distract the audience. The Fanboy Christmas Medly was a hoot.

The Little Shop of Horrors team took Group Presentation, which was not unexpected. They were good. Amidala in the TPM award ceremony robe took Best SF recreation. And Bunny got both Best Recreation-Fantasy (which has a paid admission to next year's con) and Best Hall Costume (which had a nice ribbon and rosette) She now has 3 certificates and a caricature to frame and hang on her wall. (the third is a thankyou from the kiddos)

Afterward, I got to fangirl Michael Scheard. I got kissed on the cheek by Admiral Ozzel! Eat your hearts out, Sith Chicks! I will have pics of Bunny and of him with us when I finish the roll.

Bunny went to the dance with Marcus, whom she'd met that afternoon, and I went filking. Luke performed the song he WON'T be doing at Celebration 3, because they couldn't work him in. Their loss. Imagine Lucas plagarizing Grease...

She wasn't at the dance when I went to get her. Another APB on Galadriel. I was ready to send out the 501st and wouldn't that be a photo op?

But we're home, safe and sound.
I'm going to bed, as I have to work tmorrow and Daylight Savings time whacked off an hour of sleep.
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I dtropped Bunny at the Aud for her performance, and laced her into her costume and took pictures.

Then I went to the con. I got in about 6:15, which gave me 45 minutes to work the layout before my panel.

They made me run the panel on Paranormal Romance and Erotica. We talked about a lot of things, including where to publish (I got some leads if I ever get abck to het), some of the pitfalls, and how not to start a story. A first page sex scene with a werewolf in wolf shape is right up there.

Then I made a quick change from black velvet jumpsuit and horns into two tunics and a bag hat for the opening ceremonies. Those were quite fun. I met The Great Luke Ski quite by accident. [livejournal.com profile] jkb, I told him he'd come highly recommended by a friend in Michigan.

The premise was we were holding Baronial court and Esther Freisner paid us a visit as a visiting monarch. She was escorted by her Cavalier guard and...Stormtroopers?
She announced she was a prisoner, and we freed her in the time honored fashion: rock, paper scissors.
When they lost to our paper, the leader of the 501st announced "Rock paper Blaster!" We informed him it wasn't period and wouldn't work. Then, Queen Esther free, The Great Luke Ski favored us with "Viva Las Nagus." (And [livejournal.com profile] zeronine09 danced with me)

Then I had to change back into the jumpsuit for the "Meet the Guests" party. I wound up back with the Paranormal Erotica panel ladies. They're great fun. And a few guys triwed joining us, but we scared 3 off before we decided to go to the How Not to Get Published Panel. I went for open filking.

Then it was time for "Whose Line" which was great fun.

And then Rocky Horror I haven't done that in a decade, and some of the responses have changed. And "Frankie goes Natalie Wood" went over EVERYONE'S heads. But th Time warp is still a hoot.

Must get some sleep. Still on Con high.

I have to sew the neckline and hem of the galadriel costume, and braid Bunny's hair. Hope she found her Slytherin Blouse.
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So far today, I have:

Sewn a Galadriel costume.

Chased out over 80 extra frames in my Club Vivid vids that showed up in .avi and NOT in .wmv. GRRR. Ten persist and will be shipped to Thunderdome! Ten frames enter, one vid leaves!

Been to the local costume store for spirit gum

Been to the grocery store

Got my reservation for Beltaine in the mail

Gone to the con hotel to pick up my registration (I forgot the banquet refund. They were in no shape to find it for me.)

Put the "Corellians can't get lost" adage to test both in hotel and on side streets as I dodged a semi accident on the freeway.

Found out I can't go to the play because my panel is at 7.
Opening ceremonies are at 8.
The meet n greet is 9.
I have to change clothes between each of these.
(Black velour jumpsuit and horns for the panel, SCA garb for the ceremonies and back to street clothes for the meet)

Called the school about my son's field day t-shirt

Now let's see if I can whip up a quick tunic for the Con.


(I miss my hamster wheel icon)
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spare change: $15.65.

Interesting. If i did this for a whole year, i could save up almost $200. Just in loose change. (at least $2 of that is pennies that I've found while cleaning)

Dishes are running, drier is running. In about thirty minutes, I'm going to work to get my paycheck, then out shpping for a while. I'm off all day. (purrr)

It's bitter cold down here and there were snow flurries. I drove the kids to school.

Jonner tells me when the bears come out of hibernation (teddy bears, in his classroom) there will be a tea party. This sounds like a lot of fun.

Morning meds, some caffiene and then on to Library of Doom 2: Revenge of the video tapes.

ETA: $17.53 as of tonight. I can't believe I found almost $2 in change today!
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Current contents of the Pringles Can: $5.15

This is loose change, found in pockets, on the floor, on the ground, lost in seat cushions etc. I'll count every Friday.
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"I'm on my way to MicroCon, and I'm really glad I'm going there
I'll drive down the road for 500 miles and hope I don't need the spare..."
con report, long )
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I'll be back on Wed, squeeing about the con, cooing over my new zines. (gods, I love Trib Copies. It's like being the Copier Goddess and getting tribute.)

I'm off to Media West. My first vacation alone in 6 years.
My first con in 5.5 years. My first non-dealer con in 17 years!

Conquering Laundry Mountain slowly but surely. Found and Febreezed my horns. Hat is prepped, vest is packed.

Must fold clothes and pair socks. 30 pairs of socks. May i swear?

Watched the final Buffy. Perfect. Just perfect. "now I'm a wounded dwarf with all the mystical power of a limp doiley." Lovely Xandrew at the end. Spuffy squeeage. B/A squeeage. Slayer-foo. Goddess!Willow. (meesa Liiiiiiiike!)

Everyone was on. Everyone was perfect. No one phoned anything in.
Wahhhhhhh! (all sniffly) Why couldn't they all have been liked that?

Must go. Taping "Blind Man's Bluff" for Pimp Tape, and finishing afghan. Is FABULOUS! Will add starry border later.

See you Wed.

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