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She wasn't the brilliant and wise princess. She had already left home for sorcerous training. She wasn't even the adorable baby princess and Daddy's favorite.

Margeaux was the third princess of four, and most people forgot she even existed most of the time. So nobody was too put out about giving her to the dragon.

Except Margeaux.

--untitled work-in-progress
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From "Water Wheel" in Storm Moon's Devout anthology

Rhys' long fingers dug into the ground, and Leo imagined them pressing against flesh instead of dirt. He jumped when his long-forgotten philosophy book slid from his lap to the floor. A smile quirked one corner of his mouth. God certainly had ways of reminding him.

He'd suffered from the ordinary temptations, and the hot blood of youth had cooled in its time. He was no decadent, as was the Spanish Pope, to sire sons into his fifties in defiance of his vows.
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From Tall Dark and Wriggly

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From "Chained to the Wheel":

The Immortals answered his summons.

One by one they approached the door and shed the skeletal disguises they wore on official business in the larger Net, taking on their true avatars. He required the skeleton look—a sort of company uniform—but each runner was free to individualize it, whether Horus' nightmare of half-rotted flesh or the Datazon's clean lines, Clarion's burned horror or Swift-Current's almost-cartoonish creation, with its bright yellow eyes and cheerfully bony smile.

The skeletons, coupled with EIT's wheel-within-a wheel logo and his own Net appearance on a wheel of fire, were his little joke on his name. Some few got it, but no one dared laugh or call him out for bad allusions.

"What news on the Rialto, children?" he asked as he always did, once they were assembled.
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From "The Arcology Job" in Somewhere Out There

Miho typed in the information as he got it, as parts of the map lit up and various routes highlighted. It always amazed Hevik to watch the Aleran’s mind work, faster than any in most Corps, as paths were considered and discarded by what looked like a computer on the holo.

After a long minute, Miho smiled. “Here. We’ll need a high-powered deck cutter, three different suites of virus controlled drones, and six bottles of Cortani liquor.” He smacked the holo with a wide grin.
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This is from Barbarossa's Bitch coming Feb 22.

Dear Diary, this is the story of what happened after the world ended. It felt like someone should keep a record, and I'm as good a person as any.

Yesterday, August 12, the world ended. I know that sounds melodramatic. But the best guess estimates, on what media was still up and running, are that about ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of the population is dead. I'm kind of amazed at how many people still went to work yesterday and today.
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(Yes, I know it's technically Tuesday, but I'm still on Monday)

From Now, until Feb 22, it's going to be Barbarossa's Bitch

Spin, Weave and Dye was the first shop, and it showed a wide variety of items. Looms, spindles, hanks of yarn, baskets of raw fiber, jars of dyes, and even a few bolts of cloth filled the shop. A stocky woman in a purple caftan greeted him.

“Good morning, wandering brother. See anything you like?” She ignored his semi-nude state and the iron cage jutting out from his crotch.
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This is from "Induced Paroxysms" in ADVENTURESSES (Which is free tomorrow!)

“This poor unfortunate, lying immobilized on the table behind us, can clearly endure any of these coarse uses you put her to, and more than likely has on many occasions. But the ladies of quality, such as are assembled in the rows and watching, could not and furthermore would not, tolerate such violation of their modesty.”

As if we'd coached her, one woman on the second row stood up and yelled, “Oh please, madame doctor, violate me next!”

The rest caught on. “No, me!” “Me after that!” filtered around until all the women were on their feet begging to be in Casey's position
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"And there are always renegade gangs that want to wallow in blood until the streets run with it. Dad deals with them, if King or the cops don't get them first.” Brett shrugged. “Our cops have an eastward facing holding cell with great big windows just for vampire prisoners caught killing humans. It doesn't see a lot of use. Neither does the reinforced windowless one for the non-killing crimes.”

--Power in the Blood
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From "Concubine"

“The packages are safely away?” she asks.

“On their way.” I kiss the dome again. I will polish it tomorrow.

I sleep with her head in my arms all night, as my mythical ancestor would have back on legendary Earth. We are the product of our ancestors and re-enact the myths from the beginning of history here at the end of it.
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From the "Like it or not" story:

Connor swallowed and admitted the truth he'd never told anyone. “Want you to hurt me.”

Jarrett smirked. “Really...” he drawled. “This from the guy who asked for reassurance that I wasn't kinky the first night. I guess we both lied.”

Daily word count 1032
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Power In the Blood

The Undying her family called The Kid leaned against the doorway, watching her work with a small smile on his face. She turned back to her consoles. He made her nervous in ways she didn't understand. For someone who made a business of knowing and understanding, that was bad. She squelched the immediate Ghostbusters-based response from the pop-culture section of her brain. There was no need to associate him with twinkies.
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From Power in the Blood:

Carlton looked as if he couldn't believe his ears. “Bringing people with no identification, no passports and none of the walking-around stuff that lets us cross international borders into this country, with the security we've got? You're delusional.”

“All borders are porous and all regulations have loopholes. They will come. Stolt, I want you to choose a suitable battleground.”
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From Hard Rreboot:

The rear door to the van opened and Sean pushed Tara inside. He jerked her veil from her face and a chemical-soaked cloth clamped down over her nose and still-gagged mouth in its place. He bore her weight as her eyes rolled back into her head and she went limp.

The people in the van swiftly removed everything from her body, even her leather collar. Sean helped position her rapidly and carefully on a special mat on the floor of the van. The quick-stitch slicer shooed him and Niall out and the van doors closed behind them.
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the piece for Zombiality 2

Insanity rides the star-winds, screaming along the paths of the tiny, fragile ships that hurtle between the lonesome silver canisters of humanity that turn above dead worlds, slowly orbiting in bleak silence and endless night. My beloved was such a ship. When he died, as so many did during the plagues that swept the earth, the men of science seized his body before it was cold, transferred his mind to a vessel before it could die and taught him of flight and the void and an existence of cold metal and colder space.

Forgive my penchant for the melodramatic. It is my stock in trade. I am an entertainer--one of the last live performers--Master of ceremonies, gaffer of a troupe that shuttled between the stations, alleviating the confinement and drudgery of the crews.
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From the current WIP:

Blake ignored their antics and chipped gently, keeping as much concrete as possible in the bag.

The rough shape of a head head emerged from the block. He tapped more gently, flaking bits and pieces away instead of whole chunks. He found a straight nose, sharp cheekbones and a narrow chin. The bones were intact and there was muscle in place, but the skin looked raw and new, still a little crispy in places from being burnt. The jaw moved as soon as it could, opening the mouth in a scream.
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From "Worth The Woe," available June 12 from Amber Allure

“Why will your father eat us?” I asked.

“Because that’s what giants do with puny humans who get lost,” sneered the middle girl, who was putting more bread in to bake on the hearth.

“Ignore Gretchen,” our hostess told us. “She’s a lot like Father and hates being reminded that Mother was half-human herself. Francesca, she is stern, but she has to be. It’s just us here all alone while Father is out for the day.”
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From the untitled cyberpunk:
Nodes flashed by, perceived as doors into practice rooms. The building was old and smelled of decaying plaster and ancient wood under the polish and fresh paint. The American net, like all US infrastructure, was antiquated, patched and kluged together a million times by hundreds of different companies, schools and others. The varieties of code, with their redundancies and odd loops made the old hall treacherous, the floors wavy and uneven, and occasional side halls leading to nowhere. She stayed out of the Euronet, with its clean wide halls, smooth floors and easy running. Too easy for her to be back-traced in the open spaces.
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From The Undying and the Undead:

When he glanced back, he saw Peryton chatting with Brigitte and Dennis. He didn't care if Peryton fucked them all, as long as there was some for him.

He'd found the cute little twink at Nocturnal, before it closed. He'd shown up for line-dancing, only to find it had been moved to Tuesday and the club was grinding out hard-core industrial. Peryton, in his bondage pants, mesh shirt and goggles had left Blake hot and horny. He'd braved the noise of Nine Inch Nails and the Genitorturers and something called Head of David, to dance with Peryton, who had pulled him out to the back lot and kissed him under the orange Memphis night sky.
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From "Swimming Through the Net," available next week

Swift-Current dived deep, using his trident to clear the tangling seaweed that threatened to ensnare him. A cloud of pernicious plankton tried to clog his gills but a simple single note of song froze the water around them. He thrust into the heart of the sea cave and saw the last obstacle.

The giant clam sat on sand stained green with the blood of other runners who had tried to steal from it. Swift-Current had studied the songs of their forays and knew what came next.

The clam opened and a rosy pearl, the size of Swift-Current’s head, lay on the pulsating meat.
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I was dead after the con, so you get your Nick & Corban excerpt today

“He's falling for her as well. I may lose all my men to that little star.”

Steven kissed the top of her head. “Never me, my girl.”

Her next words felt like a spear through his chest. “You most of all.”

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