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I started the year with the final Hobbit movie and ended it with the new Star Wars.
That latter needs its own post. But ZOMG! I still have all the feels.

The list is under the Cut. * are Rewatches

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Best of the year:
Star Wars
Big Fish
The two Hobbits
Iron Jawed Angels
Great Mouse Detective

Worst of the Year:
Hero Wanted
Cast a Deadly Spell
The Oblong Box
A Killing Affair

It was quite the year of Daniel Radcliffe with 10 movies.

I also did a complete Sons of Anarchy Rewatch, clear through Season 7
The Smallville Rewatch died in Season 5, with Jonathan Kent.
Watched all of Supernatural, up through Season 10.
I'm into Season 2 of Twilight Zone, 4 of Criminal Minds and a few Once Upon a Times.
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1) Voyage of the Dawn Treader
2) Real Genius
3) Greatest Movie Ever Sold
4) Phantom of the Opera
5) Dead End
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103) The Orphan

104) Milk

105) A Matador's Mistress

106) The Italian Job

107) X-2

108) X-Men, First Class

109) Dead Clowns

110) The House on Haunted Hill

111) The Evil Dead

112) The Santa Clause 2

113) Flakes

114) Prisoner of Azkaban

115) Moulin Rogue

116) Resident evil Apocalypse

117) The Mountain Men

118) Ramona and Beezus

119) Giallo

120) Goblet of Fire

121) Half-Blood Prince

122) Order of the Phoenix
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87) The Experiment. Rewatch. Me? I'm just here for the torture porn...(f,1)

88) Atlantis, The Lost Empire. Disney does steampunk with this tale of explorers hunting for lost Atlantis.(f,2)
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68) How to Train your Dragon. Young Viking finds a new way to cope with his village's ongoing dragon war. Entertaining and cute. (f,2)

69) Bell, Book and Candle. Jimmy Stewart falls for a witch. Boring, fifties rom-com. Elsa Lanchester is the bright spot. Very clear this was the inspiration for Bewitched. (p)

70) Left in Darkness. Girl dies at a frat party and finds herself fighting got her soul somewhere in a no man's land. Not very good. (p)

71) Once Upon a Mattress. Musical retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Carol Burnett is brilliant as the overbearing queen with Tracy Ullman as the princess. Tommy Smothers as the mute King, An unrecognizable Zooey Daschenel as the desperate Lady Larking, and Denis O'Hare, Russle Edgington from True Blood, as our hero, Prince Dauntless the Dull. Funny, tuneful and generally entertaining. (p)

72) Extraordinary Measures. Father of terminally ill kids gets help from a crotchty old researcher. Brendan Fraiser and Harrison Ford make this watchable. (p)
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64) National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Action adventure as Ben goes in search of the City of Gold. Kind of meh. (f, 2)

65) Flakes, Rewatch. Musician and artist couple battle over his work in a cereal bar. Has its moments, but extremely kitschy. (f,2)

66) American Psycho. Yuppie Pride and Prejudice where everything from the font on a business card to what you order for lunch is vitally important. But this is P&P with psychopathic spree killers who feed kittens into ATM machines...Very funny movie, if you get the joke. (f,2)

67) Before I Hang. Condemned doctor tries to reverse aging with serum from human blood. Little Boris Karloff B movie. (f,1)
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Netflix is the crack. Bad horror on demand. i think I'm trying for 100 movies this year.

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48) Lost Boys: The Thirst. The Frog brothers are recruited by a paranormal romance writer to rescue her brother who disappeared at a vampire rave. Interesting concept, retread script. Two excellent moments, and they both belong to Allan Frog. (f,2)

49) Class of Nuke'em High. Cult film about toxic waste turning the honor society into Mad Max rejects. Entertaining. Very 80s. (p)

50) Session 9. An asbestos clean up crew takes on an abandoned mental hospital, but one of them is listening to tapes of a MPD woman's therapy sessions. Slow, but tense. Very good. (f,1)

51) Practical Magic. A pair of sisters live with their witchy aunts after their mother's death and must deal with the family curse that any man they love will die. Moderately accurate depiction of witchcraft, super hot Nicole Kidman licking Sandra Bullock's neck, and Stockard Channing being absolutely fabulous. BETTER THAN THE BOOK! (p)
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19) The Spy Next Door. Jackie Chan's neighbor leaves him in charge of her three kids. Wackiness ensues. Entertaining, funny and entirely predictable. (p)

20) UHF. George Newman (Weird Al Yankovic) runs a TV station for his uncle against the corrupt network affiliate. Goofy, classic underdog story. (f,3)

21) Freakonomics. Documentary based on the books. Covers ethnic names, cheating teachers/sumo wrestlers, whether kids can be bribed into better performance (Confirmed Mudd's hypothesis on this: the bubble-kids, those almost passing, will work their tails off. The ones with no hope of passing won't bother) and why crime dropped in the 90s. (my statement: baby boomers aged out of it, and we baby busters couldn't continue their levels)

22) Despicable Me. Cute tale of a supervillain ho adopts three little girls. (p)
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16) Zombie Strippers. Ridiculous grindhouse piece about a bar making money on undead strippers, and stashing their undead customers in a cage downstairs. Yeah. Because that could not POSSIBLY go wrong... Gross, exploitative, and great fun (p)

17) Gangs of New York. Revenge tale of gang warfare over New York's Five Points during the draft riots of 1863. Leonardo DiCaprio is great, Daniel Day Lewis is brilliant. (f, 2)

18) White Oleander. Psychologically nasty piece about a mother and daughter as the daughter endures foster homes while mother is imprisoned. Michelle Pfeiffer does sociopath extremely well. I watched this thinking "Now I understand Signi and Gerda better. It will help in the next Nick book." (p)
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14) Cats Don't Dance. Animated tale of a cat who wants to be a movie star but finds one Dora Dimple firmly in his way. (f, 2)

15) Karate Kid. Will Smith's son takes lessons from Jackie Chan to defeat the bullies. (f,2)
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6) The A Team. I was a fan of the TV series. This was a worthy successor. Liam Neeson was perfect for Hannibal and the rest of the cast did a bangup job. Some nice meta with Reginald Barkley starring in The Greater Escape. Big dumb action movie, and it was perfect. (f, 1)

7) Halloween. This was the original and I had never seen it. Minimal gore, lots and lots of suspense. Jamie Lee Curtis turns in an excellent screen debut. (p)

8) Dorian Gray. Ben Barnes is beautiful and evil in this remake. The story is classic, with some updating. We see ALL of Dorian's debauchery, including some same-sex interludes. Quite yummy and lush. (f,2)
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1) Into the woods. Stage production. Famous fairy tale characters come together in Sondheim's musical. Bernadette Peters stars. Really entertaining, music very complex. Little Red Riding hood steals the show.(p)

2) Fiddler on the Roof. Traditions are changing everywhere as Tevye the Dairyman deals with four daughters and Russian Pogroms. (p)

3) The Many Faces of Christopher Lee. The veteran actor talks about his career, and shows off trophies of it, including Dracula's ring and the last extant piece of the Wicker Man. (N/A)
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From the list of 1001 movies to see before you die I have seen 137.

I have a lot from the 1930s, a lot from the 1970s and 80s, some from the 1990s and 1910s.
I was feeling a bit smug about A Voyage to the moon and Hexen and the Bicycle thief, until i realized I'd never seen Halloween, Alien or the Terminator. I have serious fannish osmosis, in that I can tell you the plot of at least 100 more movies on the list, but I've never seen them. Some are on my "Avoid" list, like The Audition.

First Movie of 2011:
Into the woods. Stage production. Famous fairy tale characters come together in Sondheim's musical. Bernadette Peters stars. Really entertaining, music very complex. Little Red Riding hood steals the show.
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50) Wishful Drinking. Carrie Fisher's one woman show. Funny as can be, autobiographical and witty. Highly suggested.

51) Uncertain Glory. Rewatch

52) Around the World in 80 Days. David Niven makes the classic bet in this lavish spectacle of a movie. Too long, very technicolor and entertaining.
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44) Repo: The Genetic Opera. The Zydrate comes in a little glass vial... Excellent dystopian opera, about a world where organ transplants are financed like cars, and default means a visit from the Repo Man. Anthony Stuart Head is brilliant as always, and Sarah Brightman is fabulous, but the Gravedigger steals the show. (p)

45) Calamity Jane. A lesbian classic musical starring Doris Day. Doris is Calamity, rough and tough and hard edged, until she meets a pretty actress. There's a het subplot, but it's really all about the girls. (p)

46) From Hell. Stylish Jack the Ripper thriller, with Johnny Depp and Robbie Coltrane. Plot is farfetched and weird. The women are awesome, given lives and agency beyond their deaths. Susan Lynch and Heather Graham turn in excellent performances. Jason Fleming (Mr Hyde of LXG) steals the show in his own quiet way. (p)
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42) The Experiment. Based on the Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971. A group of men are randomly divided into prisoners and guards. The original 2 week experiment terminated after six days. The movie is brilliant. Forest Whittaker is SCARY. (f,1. Like Dawn patrol, no women)

43)HellRaiser. I had never actually seen this. A man is brought back from the land of the cenobites, a people who live on the outer edges of experience. Gory, but not too bad, comparatively. Not enough sex. (p)
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40) Silent Hill. A mysterious mining town holds the secret of an adopted girl's past. Her mother takes her there to help her. Very creepy, very cool. I love the cop. (p, completely. All but 2 of the characters are women)

41) Kiki's Delivery Service. Little witch leaves home at 13 and lives in the big city. Animated. Very cute. (p)
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38) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown/It's Magic, Charlie Brown. (p)

39) Van Helsing. A decent little Monster Mash of a movie. Either bad cinematography or my monitor is really going bad, but I could barely see this movie, since it was all so DARK. (p)
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36) The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. A betting man makes a Deal with the Devil. (f1)

37) The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Oh my dear. SO 70s. Paul takes his housekeeper Margaret (Hamilton) to visit her sister Billie (Hayes) on Halloween. You can already see where it's going. Included in this bacchanal are Lynde as a sheik seducing Florence Henderson with a bad Valentino impression, a trucker segment that is painfully 70s and a live performance by KISS. (p)
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33) Runaway. Fearing his father is about to start abusing the boy, young man takes his brother when he runs away and tries to make a new life for them. Excellent. Some of Stanford's best work. (f2)

34) Call of Cthulhu. Lovely little silent done in the style of the 1920s, even to the use of sparkly fabric for water. Very true to the story. (f1)

35) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I hadn't seen this. Indy vs. the Russians this time, in a script so familiar (or maybe so badly timed) we were predicting the punchlines three beats before they came. But oh my. I do love Marion. I always have. She is the awesome, always. And Dr. Spalko was perfect for the movie, hitting every Russian woman stereotype ever. (f2. I don't think shouting at her once counts as a conversation)

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