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Sounds of the Season:

Craft ideas:

29 mostly feminine DiY costumes

Your Creepy Pics of the Day:

Hosted by your Substitute Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Severus Snape.
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Pagans for Preemies.

Mudd, last night, asked "Do modern witches ride vacuum cleaners?" my response was "No, Roombas." He grinned and said "Tenser's Floating Disc, eh?"

Viking Bubbas, bass fishing off the longboat

And a goofy plot bunny:
Sigurd dies in battle and is awaiting the valkyries. He sees them swooping down and one long slim strong hand seizes him and hauls him up over the horse's withers. "Ho yo to ho, big boy," says the pretty boy in a dress with long blond braids, bells at his wrists and no beard. "Freyja got swamped so her brother loaned a bunch of us over to her. We'll be crossing the *ahem* Rainbow Bridge in just a moment."
(I'm tired of all these butch macho guys in m/m. I want to write a full on screaming drag queen. Priests of Frey were. They dressed as women, danced with bells on, and had sex with men)
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I have gorgeous yarn, brown and gold in a boa style.
I have a lovely shawl pattern
I thought I'd get a jump on something to wear over the cleavage dress. It's a good color match.

And if I keep at it, I'm going to look like CHEWBACCA when I go to wear this!
Seriously, it looks like a wookiee pelt.

Time for a new pattern. One more of loops than of stitches.
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1) The Dr has certified me good to work.

2) I have an audiologist appt. Mon. We can't afford $1200 for a hearing aid, but we're spending it anyway. We can file for reimbursement from our insurance for about $960 of it.

3) Will be getting short term disability papers soon. So some income even in the dry spell

4) "Siul a ruhn" is out. The Last Gay Christmas Werewolf Story. Here's hoping.

5) Managed to get through the initial edits of "8 Days Ablaze." Will do a second pass tomorrow.

6) Crocheted on Ms. J's blankie.

7) Mountain Dew Revolution= the Revolt. But I like supernova.
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How to make a solar cooker out of a bucket, a rack, a windshield sunshade and a pot.

Might be quite useful in areas where the power is out. There is always a request for nonperishable food, but I always wonder how they're going to cook it.

Since it hits 350 degrees, it can be used for boiling water as well.

A lot of people in my area are headed south to check on/evacuate relatives who didn't get out. I'm suggesting everyone take one of these.
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[ profile] astrea9562 has been having a great many problems lately. To make a long story short, she is moving from NY to Kansas to live with [ profile] dolimir_k. A little help with the moving expenses is all that's needed.

Because [ profile] dolimir_k is good people, I'm kicking in my contribution.

For Auction: 1 Hand-crocheted Lapghan (3x3) or shawl.

This will be made in the winner's choice of color(s) and style.
Minimum bid of $20 has been made. Next bid must be $21.

Bid Here

Item will be shipped by June 15 at the latest.
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Friday, I took Bunny and Fairy out for dinner. Dragon China, their choice. And then we went to the Galleria. They got t-shirts from the Disney store. Bunny's has Dory from Finding Nemo on it. Fairy's had Tigger. We got some earrings at Claires. I couldn't find a Lost Desert Aisha plushie to add to my hat anywhere.

Saturday, after work, we watched Teen Angst Specials (they were Afterschool Specials when I was a kid). One hosted by Samuel L. Jackson about Middle School. I had Obi watch it with Bunny and me. They covered Bullying, Depression, Drugs, Sex and Sexual Orientation. Bunny got a great comeback to use against some of the girls who are giving her grief. (For every incident she tells me of, I know there are a dozen more she doesn't.) Obi was kind of freaking out. He's only 10, but some of those kids were barely 12. The quote I find most interesting, "Oral sex has nothing to do with me, or my body." I also told Bunny there was a GLBT youth center in Memphis, and she said she'd like to visit.

Then we watched Thirteen. I suspect there will be many talks in weeks to come as we process.

I practiced drawing. Luke came out fine until I hit his face. He's got a weird face. Good-looking, but hard to draw. His upper lip is very long without looking like it, and his ANH nose is odd, and it only gets worse.

I ran out of claret yarn. I'm crocheting a Celtic spiral afghan for MWC. It's coming nicely, I'm about 1/3 of the way done. I also have the Scissor-Keeper mostly stitched in black and red.

Mudd went out for pop very late. And I wondered why it was taking him 45 minutes. He got stuck. Between the shelves, reaching for the last carton of pop. He has a bruise across his chest from it.

Can anyone point me to full screen, digital source for SW? My vids all look like I'm channelling El Greco through a pixelation filter.

I give up

Jan. 2nd, 2004 08:32 pm
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Everything hurts. I've been wrestling with the damned video shelf for 2 hours now. It won. but only until i can find the glue and make it stay together.
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My thanks to [ profile] mirabellawotr and [ profile] cortese for their help in clarifying my upcoming video. Even if I don't use your ideas, the research i had to do to properly explain why was enough to get me defined.

So Luke Skywalker is Antisocial Personality Disorder (used to be psychopathic) with Delusions (grandiose) [The guy kills people because a dead man tells him to and believes he has psychic powers]

Dorothy Gale is undifferentiated schizophrenia, with flattened affect

and Damian Thorn is Delusional Personality Disorder (grandiose)

Prognosies are bad for all of those...

Long day. i cleaned a lot, made a good dinner with some of the biggest sweet potatoes I ever saw, tried some stuff in movie maker, took care of a sick Bunny, talked to my mom, supervised the tree set-up and grocery shopped.

My sister never had any interest in the stuff i liked. it all bored hr. She couldn't figure out my Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fixations. She finally saw the DVDs of FotR and TT. She's like "I gotta call Angie! I gotta know how it ends!"

I need to call her tomorrow and find out what colors my nieces like in their hats.

We don't currently have a working shower or bath in the house. Looks like sponge baths and sink hairwashings this weekend. Plumber Monday.

I have no heat in my van.

Tomorrow i must redo the Christmas Afghan, and maybe make myself some mittens.
BBQ chicken tomorrow
Chicken noodle Monday
Sloppy joes Tuesday
Mexi-chicken casserole Wed
Either chicken alfredo or corned beef hash on Thursday

I'm for bed soon


Aug. 9th, 2003 01:44 pm
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Almost 2. I've been up for hours and am still not dressed or motivated. I have, however, written a fair bit.

I'm sick. My nose is stuffy and my ears are popping with eharing varying between dull and leaden and hyperacute.

I'm not sure which frightens me more: that I set out to make an afghan or that I'm up to about 30 motifs and haven't repeated colors yet. Turning out very pretty. I'm doing it while waiting for the vid program to open, close, load my projects and get over being crashy.

Yesterday, the question arose "Must Charity Be Selfless?"
My answer is "Define selfless."

By making afghans, i get the pleasure of working with yarn, playing with new patterns. When i give them away, I get the pleasure of knowing they are going to someone who needs them. I may not know who is getting them, but I know someone is.
Also, I get the pride of showing them off on my website, as well as a feeling of accomplishment.

I was told this disqualifies the things I make for Project Linus as being true charity.
My answer: Who asked you?


Jun. 10th, 2003 09:47 am
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So the kids are packed off to Vacation Bible School at first Baptist.
Gratuitous Ray Stevens Interlude )
Need to find out when Cavalry Baptist and the Methodist church are running theirs. It's free, fun for them, and gives Dollface some one-on-one Daddy time. (he took her to Rhodes College today)

I forgot my lunch. Bummer. I have change enough for a small bag of chips.

Had some inspiration today. For some reason, I want to write the closure to The Mud Dwarf's "A Corellian in Hell."
This is good. I haven't been inspired to write for some time.

And I have most of my Christmas exchange squares done. That's a GOOD thing. The Fisherman's Ring pattern looks better in the Victorian with a claret colored inner ring and dark sage outer on aran, but not bad in the Traditional (cherry red and paddy green on white).
The Pinwheel Star looks fabulous in both.

Must finish basic exchange squares and the cross-stitch squares for Friday mailing.

Stupid Quote of the Day. From the Yorkshire Post: Dr. Smith is associated with societies for the prohibition of cruel sports, recorder playing and Welsh folksongs.
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Vader and the embroidered Death Star are up

The plumber is on his way. Yay, no more hot water leak.

My brain is toast.

RE QAF: Ben and Michael will be in some big trouble for giving out their phone...

Nice call from [ profile] jkb last night. Now I'm really excited about travelling.

More embroidery, more work.
Must get bread for kids' lunches

Mmm, white chocolate and craisin cookies.
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Four new squares are up on the
Star Wars Afghan Page.

If you get a "Not available at this time," wait 5 minutes and try later.
Those pics take some bandwidth.
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I have parts of my SW afghan posted. More forthcoming as it finishes.


Mar. 27th, 2003 02:16 pm
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it's been a hellacious week.

So this morning, the gal from Charlotte says unkind things about crafters. I hated the "if it's women's work it's oppressive and not worth doing" subtext of her article.

OK, so working with our hands doesn't remove the fear. But it soothed me in those dreadful post 9/11 days until I could think and act. It continues to soothe me so I can sleep and maintain a semblence of normalcy for my kids. Also the idea of sewing as oppressive: so ill-fitting clothing isn't? I sew from necessity. I have to make a pair of pants tonight.
For 2 hours work, i'll have something useful for my actual work. If she shoots hoops for 2 hours, what will she have to show?

And I got word that my squares for an exchange weren't right. Damn but claret and burgundy look alike in the dark!

No mail yet, says hubby. Hope my hat comes. Gonna fasten buttons in the braid around it. Hope I still have my "Graduate Han Solo School of Hyperdrive Repair" one.

Hubby answered the phone "Schuster, Shyster and Scheister."
I asked for "Schiller."

Pricing button maker. Will see what buttons are selling for at MWC. And what size is popular.

Got the TIE fighter square done. Must size up to match Alliance insignia.
Starting X-wing.

blah. Just blah.

I survived

Mar. 7th, 2003 10:57 pm
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So i did it.

5 girls, and me.
We tie-dyed t-shirts. Very Groovy, Baby! They really did come out nicely.

We macramed key-rings. They sorta got it.

Crochet? What a nightmare. Maybe next time.

Embroidery? They all got the outline stitch. We'll pick up Monday and get the others. Then they can stitch their birth flowers.

I'm not insane, I'm not hoarse, and i didn't manage to tie anyone's hair into their macrame. Therefore the evening was an unqualified success.

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