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I'm sticking with the end of Chapter 6 for another post to, before we actually get to the Savage Reservation, look into the question of why such a thing exists. In my bit of shameless self-promotion in the comments of other blogs, someone asked the question of why the Savage Reservations even exist.

The Doylist reason (that is, from the perspective of the author) is so that we can meet Jon. Jon will be an important counterpoint to the Fordly way of life. Jon needs to exist, to enter Fordly society, and not be perceived as a threat by Fordly society. For those ends, a Savage Reservation makes an ideal tool. It's outside Fordly civilization but small enough that the average Fordly citizen is aware of but not bothered by it.

The Watsonian reason (that is, from the perspective within the world of the fiction) is related.

It's also related to slavery and Rent.
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Black Hat Brigade: Episode 47

Oct. 13th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Establishing Shot: The town Thunderdome. Various people hang on the outer walls. A few in leathers and withs various styles of spiked hair. Some are orcs in traditional garb. At least one of them is Grodd in a metal breastplate and Roman-style cape. There is no chanting, but a hush as they watch something.

The camera pans down, past someone in a jersey and sipping at a beer, to the entry door.

Azrael: They're right through here.

Bartleby: Azrael, there's been something I've wanted to say.

Azrael opens the door, but pauses: What is it?

Bartleby: You... You were our friend. But, you manipulated us. You used us.
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I want to be clear with this one. These Cases that I make aren't all efforts to get rid of the original. Early on in this series, I did a Case for re-remaking The Day The Earth Stood Still and, if at all possible, I will not allow that original to go away. Sometimes there are problems with the original that should be addressed in retelling. Sometimes, it's simply the case that there's more to be done with the idea.

In this case, it's both.

I want the original franchize to remain. All the movies are enjoyable. Yes, I even want to hold onto "Beyond Thunderdome", even with its kind of mess.

That said, the concept as a whole does have its issues and does have some untapped potential.
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I've Said it Before...

Oct. 10th, 2017 07:14 pm
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And I'll say it again: you know you're getting up there in years when part of your ideal bedtime routine is drinking a nice, hot cup of tea.

You just...you know, y'know? You know.

I'm alright, loves! I gotta get up @ 4am to meet my classmates & teacher at the clinical @6:30am...so that means I have little more than 40 minutes before I plop my insomniac-happy ass in the bed. Yay!

And...today's pharmacology class was better (I been struggling and feeling unintelligent). Much, much better. Imma write a whole, big ass post on nursing school for ya'll soon. Promise-promise.

In the meantime, how are ya'll doing? Ya'll got anything new to share?


P.S Imma eat my ass some lobster tails and a cream soda (my version of a beer, since I don't drink) this weekend just as celebration for getting through this shit. I am, I am.
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Chapter six spends some time focusing on how the world treats Bernard and how Bernard treats both the world and himself. And, in this chapter, I find myself getting defensive both of Bernard and of what it seems that Huxley may be attempting to criticize.

To the way the world treats Bernard Marx.
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Please sign up, repost, reblog, retweet, etcetera.

The Benign Violation Theory

Oct. 6th, 2017 10:30 pm
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This entry is late and I blame being sick for the past week. But, thanks to my body being able to fight off the infection and modern symptom-management medications, I'm capable of doing something to meet my self-imposed posting requirement.

That excuse out of the way, here's an entry into my Encyclopedia.

Benign Violation Theory seeks to explain why some things are funny and some aren't, as well as the specifics of who finds what humorous. The name pretty much explains it. In order to find something funny, you must both sense a violation of some sort and feel safe. Something is being violated, but nothing that causes you to feel yourself or those you care about to be harmed or under threat.
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I'm struggling to find something to say that hasn't been said before and I don't think I've found it here. But, in the wake of yet another high-profile mass shooting, there's always a set of rhetoric that doesn't just argue against a measure that would help curtail just this thing. It actively makes the next mass shooting more likely, regardless of gun legislation.
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