Jan. 12th, 2017

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Yesterday, on the way to work, my waterpump blew.
So there was the usual hassle of tow-trucks and repairs I cannot afford. I am fortunate to have roadside through my phone, and my credit rating has improved enough that my credit union would loan me the money, instead of having to go through a loanshark. (Vito's Late Night Loans: Pay through the nose or pay through the knee-caps)

Getting that loan took most of two days.
I had to reschedule my pulmonology appointment, and I have no clue when I can catch Wynne and Forrest City.

My training schedule is off. My paycheck is going to be about $50 light. And we're another $1000 in debt.

But today, in the course of looking for my loan paperwork, I collected 5 grocery bags of paper trash. I went grocery shopping and prepped the casserole for tomorrow. My clothes are laid out, the dishes are done, my lunch is packed.

I'm going to write, read and knit for a bit before bed.

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