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General warning/reminder: Viewing Options: "Minimize your journal's inclusion in search engine results. Selecting this option also means that your entries will not be publicized at external sites that have content partnership with LiveJournal."

Make sure that is checked if you don't want your LiveJournal profile and your entries to end up in search engines. Search engines include Google, Yahoo!, DogPile, Pipl, LjSEEK, etc.

I would also strongly encourage you to remind others on your FList to double check their own settings to make certain that if they care about their privacy and want to minimize their exposure on-line do to that. Especially fandom people.
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I have not been getting e-mail notification of comments.

If you have replied to a comment of mine on someone else's LJ, please be aware I probably don't know this. I'm not ignoring you.
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I'm planning on moving more of my writing process stuff over to the Garden Gazebo.

If you're following me for that, you might want to add it as an rss feed.
[ profile] asparrow_blog
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Stupid term
I went through and killed a lot of dead journals.
I removed almost everyone who doesn't have me friended back

Oddly, most of the current wank-fest managed to fall into that latter category.

[ profile] scarcrest I'm sorry. The godstuff feed was wrecking my reading page and I wasn't finding it all that fascinating. You're still listed personally though.
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Re: Fandom. Let the Elitist Bitch Vidding Cabal stake out their corner of the sandbox and announce it is The Only True Way to Be Fannish and They Alone are the True Keepers of Fannish History. Long-held grudge-wank isn't worth the bother of embroiling oneself. Nothing dies on the net. This will not only bite them in time, it will be archived.

Also? When an article has been up for a FUCKING YEAR it's not even outing anymore. It's just an excuse.

Re: Royalties
I wonder sometimes how much to trust my royalty statements.
From Fictionwise:
Best Sellers for Angelia Sparrow
Based on data gathered within the last 14 days. Icon explanations
1. Short [12418 words]Toy Box: Sounds by Mychael Black & Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow [Erotica/Romance]
2. Short [11857 words]Color of Magic and Color of Money by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks [Erotica/Romance]
3. Short [10357 words]Pushing the Boundaries of Reality by Angelia Sparrow [Erotica/Romance]

HOW THE HELL CAN #3 BE A BEST SELLER WHEN IT HASN"T SOLD ANY COPIES? At least according to my Phaze statements...

Now, I know it's not in a publisher's interest to screw over the authors. Anyone who manages people knows not to mess with their pay or their time-off if they want to KEEP people.
But still.

How on earth can I get paid $955 (250 bonus) and only see 614, which works out 154 extra? Oh yeah. Taxes. Taxes that don't get me health care or retirement or anything that taxes pay for in civilized countries, but instead goes to concentration camps, mercenaries and a disastrous foreign war.

There is no fourth point. I'm just going to go hide out in 1923 for a while.
(Synopsis time)


Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:38 pm
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I have a new filter until Fandom is done wanking and has cleaned up after themselves. Gafiation has done wonders for my blood pressure.

If you saw the previous entry about the filter, you're on it.
If you did not, and think you need to be on this filter, leave a comment and I'll add.

Of my day

Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:06 pm
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I did ride-along/navigation on my route, because SafetyGuy is going to take it tomorrow.
I have an ear dr/audiologist appt at 9:30AM YAY for ASAP!

Home early. No dishes done. Roused Obi for KP so we can eat.

Found a huge steaming pile of wank on my flist.
Am strongly considering defriending all fannish journals for the duration.

BBQ sloppy joes for supper. And hopefully writing and editing.
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I checked my info page and instead of the usual 2 spammers under "other friends" there were dozens of folks. I friended you back.

OK, if you've friended me via the Blacklist, there are a few things you need to know. I was on the list because I was on [ profile] kcwriter's f'list.

1) my f'list is a reading list. If your journal does not interest me, I will remove you from it. This is not a judgement on you, just that our interests do not coincide.

2) If my writing does not interest you, please do not feel obligated in any way to keep me on your f'list.

3) Most of you are Harry Potter folks. I don't do a lot of Potter. Every now and then there is some. Expect squeeage after the movie and the new book.

4) [ profile] angelnanowrimo is also my journal. It is where I stash my half-written stuff, and all my NaNoWriMo writings. It is mostly friends-only, and I do request a comment left to verify you are of age. I get some intense stuff over there, and I don't need someone's mom calling the cops because her pwecious dumpwing was exposed to incestuous necrophiliac bukkake. (Pwecious Dumpwing has more troubles than Mama knows if sie was actually following the storyline) Noone under 18 will be friended on that journal.

5) I am a married Mama. Be prepared for kid stories.

6) My current primary fandom is Star Wars Trilogy. I dabble with Star Trek: TOS. I've been writing fanfiction since 1975, off and on. (yes, I was 8 when I started)

Having survived all that, welcome aboard!
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So, [ profile] xxpinkshoos69xx is a troll. She posted a huge list here of stalkers who crashed a pool party and took pics of her and her pals in their swimsuits, and then hacked her journal. The list is essentially that of [ profile] kcwriter's flist.

[ profile] thebratqueen, [ profile] keelywolfe and [ profile] kcwriter, we musta had a huge slash party afterward. Funny, how I don't recall.

She spammed about a dozen communities with the same list.

Needs to take her little pink shoos [sic] and shuffle off to Buffalo.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jkb
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This journal requires a 6th grade reading level. I average 14 words per sentence, words of 1.3 syllables each.

Either I'm extremely plain spoken, or I need to use antidisestablishmentarianism in sentences more often
I can't decide which.

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