Jan. 5th, 2017

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Three years in service, one of them spent in daily fear for his life and defense of it, finally paid off. At dawn on his thirty-third birthday, David presented himself at the door of the penthouse. He had planned every step of this meticulously.

Tanis smiled as she opened the door. James was nowhere to be seen.
He didn’t enter. What he needed had to be done here, in the doorway. He would never pass the door of the penthouse as a free man again.

“Call the master, if you would, please, my dear.”

“David? what’s going on?”

James appeared behind her, wearing nothing but the black silk sleep pants. “Welcome home, my boy.”

David swallowed hard. He held out his right hand, opening it to show the awl. “I have served my time. But I love my master. I will not go out free.”

James took a deep breath. “Be very certain, David. You are meant for more.”

“Master, the last seven years have shown us both that I do best in your direct service. That sending me out on my own is detrimental to my work and my health. I will not go out free.” He brought the left hand with the mallet up, offering both tools to James.

“Your work has been exemplary in every location. I could use you greatly in the United States or Pacifica.”

“Without my master, I am nothing. I will not go out free.” The formula repeated three times should be enough. David put his back to the doorframe, positioning himself just under the mazuzah.

“Then by the laws of this country, which are those of God himself, I take you. You are property of the house of Ligatos, and shall serve the household forever.” James looked supremely unhappy as he set the awl in the top curve of David’s ear. He pressed his body against David’s smaller one, holding him in place, the scent of him surrounding and calming David.

David held his breath. An instant of pain and he would never have to leave James again. A blow of the mallet slammed the awl through his ear. Sharp pain and an ugly pop as the cartilage parted. David did not scream, as much as he wanted to.

He looked up at James, letting the big man hold him pinned against the wall, letting his master’s strength support him as his knees went wobbly. He would not faint, he told himself sternly. It was only a little pain.

The burn spread through his whole ear. James was not removing the awl. He was pinned to the doorframe by the metal and by James’ body.

“Tanis, whiskey.” James never stopped looking into his face as he removed the gold and jet ring from his own left nipple. David realized the woman was still watching, a hungry look on her face. She hurried to the bar and returned with the drink. James dabbed the drink around the awl still pinning him. David sucked in his breath at the burn.
James swished the ring through the whiskey and then yanked the awl out of the wood and David’s ear both. He set the ring in its place. David wanted to cry from the pain, which burned and throbbed through his whole upper ear. Having the lobe pierced hadn’t hurt this much. Tanis stepped a little closer, watching.

“Yours and your household’s, forever.” David tried not to show how relieved the words left him. James merely nodded as he stepped away. He had said nothing since taking up the awl. David looked into the enigmatic black eyes. “Beloved, please say something?” He needed the reassurance that James was pleased by this choice. The set face and dark eyes revealed nothing.

“So. You are mine.”

The words weren’t the warm affirmation David had wanted, just a blank statement of fact. James was not pleased. Suddenly, David wished James had driven the awl into his neck instead. If he was the slave of a man who truly did not want him to be, he knew he would be miserable.

Perhaps more miserable than in Philadelphia.

James pulled him in close, drawing him into the penthouse and closing the door on the blood-spotted doorjamb. “Bed and await me.”

David went willingly, feeling more secure than he had in years.
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This year, I am working. I want to get as much debt as I can paid off.

I am writing.
I am creating.

I am not touring. No conventions, no festivals.
Instead, I am building stock, finishing projects and looking to 2018.
The Carpenter's Wyfe remains open on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCarpentersWyfe

We'll plan for 2018 later in the year.

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