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So. I have this Abusive!Han story. Slash with het overtones.
The beginning
The second part
Part 3
Part 4

It's about 4000 words right now.

And I'm wondering about a few things.

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9 of you said Ravenclaw
3 said Gryffindor
1 said Hufflepuff
1 said Slytherin

So, [ profile] dakiwiboid, why Slytherin?
And [ profile] chibisama, why Hufflepuff? (or was that a goof? You also said Gryffindor)
[ profile] vulgarweed and [ profile] spitefairy think I'm Gryffindor as well.

The rest of you, why Ravenclaw? That is what I self-identify as. I'm just curious what gave it away.
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Succubus Productions is in the process of cutting the 2005 Vid Reel
Your input is needed.

All vids can be found at The Succubus Productions Vid Site
with a couple exceptions, noted in the poll.

Help us out, help us connect to the audience.

Please note, you can choose more than one vid per category. We have an hour we can fill.

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[Poll #476704]

The Future of Fandom Bean Feast is a party for the fans under 16 at MWC. (Parents are also invited) We're having it early in the con so kids can meet each other. You can check more than one item on the food list.

[Poll #476705]
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31 of you took it.

Spaghetti is the favored use of hamburger, with meatloaf a close second. Y'all like comfort food.

Coffee took an early leaad as "Caffeine Delivery System" of choice, with about half of you preferring it. A couple of you take it by IV.

The voices in your heads are the primary news source for 2/3ds of you. I'd invite the Fox Watching Heathen to leave, except I like them too well, and there are only two of you.

Mechanical Rice Picker. 'Nuf said. And you three pervy hobbit-fanciers can wait in the truck.

Prince Charming and Dogberry's second (thanks [ profile] dakiwiboid, I goofed) tied as your favorite "scenery that talks." At least 1 other person has seen Getting Straight. If you sat through it all, you scare me.

The Love Boat theme skirted the shoals of the Copacabana as the worst Earworm Ever. [ profile] ellabel, I knew you had "Stealing like a Hobbit" stuck, but I was amazed that Da Boid was a Luke Ski fan.

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