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Period started today. Not sure whether it was supposed to. Had "Eat all the things" last night.
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Period showed up today, bright red. 28 days on the button.

I wondered why I was so unnaturally drowsy.
I knew it was coming. I've been at Defcon3: Eat ALL The Things for about 3 days.
Yesterday, I escalated to DefCon2: Kill them all and take their cookies.

Wonderful, just in time for parent teacher conferences.
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27 days. My period arrived Monday with 21 whiteheads across my nose.
The flow was bright and slow for Monday and Tues, with a heavy day Wed. Mostly done by Thurs

Look for the next Oct 23.
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I just noticed I've been spelling it memopause in all my titles.
I like it. A pause and a memo about menopause

Today arrived with a slow bright flow, and a rash of whiteheads on my poor nose. It has been 27 days since my last cycle.


Aug. 3rd, 2016 10:32 am
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August edition.
Arrived this evening.
27 days. Dark at first then brightened.
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25 day cycle this month
And hoo boy, screaming scarlet.
A little achy but no cramps. I think I skipped ovulating.

I may need an icon for this feature.
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This feature may get too personal and gross for folks. I'm chronicling menopause, because I'm the first to go through it in 3 generations. I have a rough idea, but medical books are vague. Mostly because women's bodies are weird and will do as they damn well please.

My period hit early, 6 says before the full moon. I've been going the day before the full.
I'm on day four and it hasn't turned the bright scarlet. It's still brown and not very heavy. As of Monday, I should have been gushing crimson, but this month, not much at all.
No cramps.

Had the "Eat ALL The THINGS" day Saturday (the day before).

Let's see how next month goes.

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