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May. 30th, 2017 07:51 pm
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My stuff from Wish.com has been arriving

a pentacle necklace: good length, pretty. I like it!

200 stitch markers. Work well. And oops, kittens got them.

a short sleeved top\
a long sleeved top None of these fit. The short sleeve comes closest, but I need to lose a couple more
a binder / inches in my bust.

a pompom maker: Nice. Makes great pompoms

a vibrator: Small but powerful. You can make a cat blep if you stroke their neck while holding a vibrator.

two different sets of nipple clamps. One lovely, the other is yee-ouch! I liked them both

1 pr of compression socks: Oh yes! I love these. I need them in knee length
and a pentacle with a tree of life in the middle

Still awaiting:
a fidget spinner
a fidget cube
a dragon ear wrap earring
a viking tunic

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