Jun. 15th, 2017

valarltd: (interesting)
I watched The Frisco Kid tonight and had two weird revelations, that oddly will tie together for people who know me well.

This is a capture from the film:
 photo FriscoKid8_zpsjoz7zkig.jpeg

This is my husband:
 photo IMAGE_152.jpg

I've had a raging Gene Wilder crush since I was 15. And the juxtaposition explains so much...
Same eyes, same face shape, same coloring, same beard

Second, Terence McNally stole a bit of choreography from this film.

At the end of Love! Valour! Compassion!, the guys are practicing Swan Lake for a benefit. James Jekyll, who is in late stage AIDS, does exactly what Avram does. They guys make on pass and two and on the third there's a gap where James has collapsed. I gasped a bit at that recognition.

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